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Specialised commercial industrial cleaning to help you provide a safe and productive facility.

Industrial cleaning is complex and requires careful planning, the right tools, and technical expertise. Hazardous areas, materials, complex equipment, and heavy machinery must be handled meticulously, and each type of spill needs a specific solution. Our extensively trained and experienced cleaners are equipped to handle diverse industrial cleaning needs, servicing industries such as food distribution, mechanical workshops, logistics warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical labs, power plants, and transport depots.

As a seasoned commercial cleaning company, at Cleanworks we understand the intricacies of industrial facilities and begin with comprehensive, customised planning to meet your facility’s specific needs. With over twenty years in the industry, our cleaners ensure your facility is not only spotless but also compliant with sanitation and safety standards, safeguarding your employees. We work closely with you to determine the precise cleaning schedule and methods required.

We ensure ensure efficient, safe, and thorough cleaning tailored to your industrial environment.

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We've got your back

Cleanworks professional cleaning services have regularly serviced industrial facilities all over Australia for over 20 years. Our services remain top quality, thanks to our meticulous expert cleaners who work hard to use the latest methods, techniques, and technologies to maintain the high standard we are known for.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all cleaning. We carefully choose our staff members, equipment, tools, and cleaning products based on the cleaning plan and the specific needs of each industrial site.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services include:

Cleaning Solutions from Cleanworks offers a range of benefits.

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How it Works

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Customised and tailor-made cleaning

We tailor our cleaning based on the specific needs of your industrial facility, so you only pay for the services that you need.

Get the Cleanwork's spotless clean guarantee

We take pride in our work. If you find any dirty spots, grime, or dust in your facility, we will come back in no time and clean it again. That is our guarantee. 

Transparent service delivery

Cleanworks uses a digital service delivery tracking system, so you know when your site is being cleaned. You can track our cleaning through the app for your peace of mind. Our cleaners will also use the same app to scan in and out of each cleaning job.

The app also serves as our communication system where you and our cleaners can talk, flag issues, and provide requests (with photographic evidence) using your smartphone. All communication goes through the app to ensure your questions and concerns are taken care of immediately.

Responsible and safe cleaning

We use only earth and human-friendly cleaning agents and methods, emphasising responsible and safe cleaning procedures. 

We offer full-time on-site cleaning

Need a full-time on-site cleaner but don’t want to go through the hassle of adding another head to your books? We can do that for you. We can provide you with professional cleaners without worrying about worker’s compensation and payroll. We can also provide replacements if your cleaner goes on holiday.

Your Cleanworks cleaners will be professionally trained, experienced, and fully equipped to deliver the same industry quality and safety standards you require. 

Experience the difference, and make a positive change today!

Whether you are looking to outsource your industrial facility’s cleaning for the first time, searching for a more reliable alternative to your current cleaning providers, or simply shopping around for the best option and value for your money, don’t hesitate to contact Cleanworks.

Our friendly staff will answer your questions in no time!

Cleanworks offers commercial and industrial cleaning across Brisbane, along with Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, and Melbourne. We provide industrial cleaning services to bring a simple solution to many different industries such as workshops, offices, schools, and more, either as a one-off deep clean or as a regular clean. We use only the most skilled, responsible, and experienced cleaners to match the requirements of your site, and we provide clear communication through our account managers. You will have open access to our team to discuss any issues or concerns, making the process as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

You shouldn’t have to accept less than perfect, nor do we. Our cleaning services are comprehensive, and we leave no stones unturned, corners uncleaned, or clients unhappy. We understand our industrial clients’ busy lives and tight budgets and tailor our cleaning services to suit so that we are only making your work easier, more streamlined, and more successful.

If you’re ready to make a positive change for your company – contact us today for a tailored, free quote or to discuss how we can provide your industrial cleaning solution.


Professional industrial cleaning companies provide services in potentially dangerous settings while maintaining the safety standards that protect both the industrial facility and the cleaners. Their services involve cleaning production floors, distribution centres, warehouses, storage spaces, factories, power plants, pharmaceutical production facilities, offices, and other areas in the industrial building.

Industrial cleaning services work around the operational schedule of the facility and recognise the tight deadlines of these facilities, thus, they often run cleaning operations around the clock.

Here at Cleanworks, our expert cleaners are extensively trained and highly experienced in cleaning anything and everything.

A professional industrial cleaner performs cleaning, maintenance, and janitorial services for industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, etc. Their job description incudes basic cleaning tasks to intense work – including cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of heavy equipment and machinery, as well as disposing of hazardous waste safely, handling special cleaning agents, and operating special high-powered cleaning equipment.

Here at Cleanworks, our expert industrial cleaners go through extensive training, are highly experienced, and are fully equipped to provide comprehensive and safe industrial cleaning services.

While the tasks of cleaners vary depending on the needs of the specific industrial facility, the basic cleaning practices include sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping, and polishing.

Often their services include deep cleaning, storm drain cleaning, tank cleaning, disinfection, pressure washing, mould remediation, and even emergency response.

Industrial cleaning is a specialised commercial cleaning service that requires familiarity and skills on handling various cleaning agents, equipment, tools, as well as knowledge of cleaning standards, local regulations, and proper handling and maintenance of various special heavy machineries found in industrial facilities.

Commercial cleaning is mostly focused on cleaning commercial workspaces, business establishments, office buildings, etc. Industrial cleaning, on the other hand, requires knowledge and skills in safe cleaning in hazardous environments such as factories and warehouses.

Every industrial facility is different; each has its specific needs and factors involved for safety. Moreover, each professional commercial cleaning service company may have different methods and techniques and use different cleaning agents, equipment, tools, and required different skills of cleaners. Hence, there is no fixed price for the service.

As of January of 2022, the average rate was between $30 to $38 per hour.

What Our Clients Say

The people I deal with at Cleanworks have an incredibly positive attitude. Nothing is too hard. Nothing is ever more than one phone call or email or text message from being fixed.

Genesis Christian College

Their planning was extensive and what they promised, we got. Their staff are friendly and good at what they do and their supervisors are efficient and obviously know their industry well. They do a great job.

Toowoomba Grammar School

Any issues have always been taken seriously and actioned quickly. Trust has been exceptional.


The follow-up of service is second to none. Any time I have had an issue or a query the matter has been attended to very promptly and the follow-up has been outstanding.

Bournedrill Pty Ltd

The selection of staff Cleanworks has chosen is amazing! Everyone is professional, approachable, friendly and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Brisbane Materials Technology

The cleaning services to date have exceeded our expectations. An outstanding performance by everyone involved.

Geofabrics Australasia

We are very happy with the cleaning that was performed. Not only were our concerns addressed and rectified, the staff were extremely helpful and friendly.

Bartercard Brisbane East

The support staff have been great. We were also very impressed with the ‘overhaul’ and thorough clean when Cleanworks began.


Incidences are resolved swiftly without issue. Very impressed with the diligence shown by staff and supervisors from Cleanworks.

EM Solutions

The pre-start engagement was fantastic, from the estimate to the communication around the process. Thoroughly professional.

SmartCap Technologies

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