Why Commercial Cleaning Is More Important During Pandemic

Maintaining a clean work environment has always been important, especially during flu season, but ever since COVID-19 hit our shores, the need for cleanliness has stepped up a level. Along with the virus have come restrictions, snap lockdowns, and forced business closures. Add a long list of cleaning requirements that are essential for the doors to open – and many business owners are feeling the strain.

This is where we come in.

Nobody understands commercial cleaning better than Cleanworks, the commercial cleaning experts with decades of experience in businesses from schools to major shopping centres and aged care facilities. As the pandemic has amped up, so have we, with the latest and best in disinfectant products, sterile cleaning technology, and professional cleaning practices that will give germs no place to hide in your workspace.

Cleanliness During COVID-19 – an essential line of defense

Commercial cleaning has always existed to protect your workplace, your customers and your staff from common infections such as cold and flu, but COVID-19 brings a whole new enemy into the realm of common transmittable disease. Spread by air droplets and often infectious without symptoms – COVID-19 has flipped the world of cleaning on its head and forced almost every industry in the world to examine their practices. Restaurants and cafes switched to takeaway only, offices sent workers home by the busload and hospitals stopped accepting visitors. Before long, signs for how to wash your hands and reminders to wear a face mask were popping up on the front doors and windows of every business that was lucky enough to stay open.

Flash forward to almost two years later, and these things are becoming the new normal. It is no longer jarring to see people wearing face masks, and businesses are opening and adapting with the understanding that this virus isn’t going away anytime soon. An essential part of living within a pandemic and eventually seeing its end is to understand how the virus is transmitted and how you as a business can combat the spread.

The virus with many names, you may have heard of COVID-19 referred to as Coronavirus Disease, the Novel Coronavirus, the New Coronavirus or SARS-COV-2, but they all refer to the same strain of coronavirus that impacts the respiratory system. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are coughing, shortness of breath, fever, muscle pain and the distinctive loss of taste or smell. In more severe cases, patients experience gastrointestinal issues, along with blood clots, strokes, rash, and even death.

There is no exact treatment for COVID-19, and doctors and infectious disease experts are discovering more about the disease in real-time. Some people don’t experience any symptoms at all during their infectious period, which is what makes the virus so dangerous and easy to spread. With the potential for asymptomatic carriers to spread the disease so easily, any space where people usually gather is suddenly a place of risk. If this happens to be your business – the onus falls on you to ensure surfaces are disinfected, gathering areas are spaced out, and regular deep cleans are performed to avoid the shattering circumstance that an outbreak should occur.

As an employer, manager or business owner, it is integral to be informed. One of the best resources can be found here, where Safe Work Australia lists an abundance of cleaning requirements for many different industries and answers cleaning and COVID-19 questions in great detail. Our cleaners know these requirements in and out, following them to the letter to ensure your business meets every expectation to avoid unnecessary and potentially expensive closures.

Make Your Business COVID Safe…

COVID-19 is spread through microscopic droplets, and transmitted through laughing, speaking, or breathing. We all produce droplets of fluid that can contain a variety of pathogens and viruses. When these droplets come into contact with someone else’s mouth, nose, or eyes, the virus can spread.

This strain of coronavirus can spread through even finer breath aerosols, can linger in the air longer, and travel further than typical droplets. Scientists are still discovering why this occurs, but the best practice is to err on the side of caution with social distancing, protective gear such as face masks or gloves, and staying home when ill. People can be infectious without symptoms from 2 to 14 days, potentially going about business as usual and making others sick.

The risk factor for businesses such as daycare centres, aged care facilities, busy offices, shopping centres and schools is that people may do all the right things and still transmit the disease. By utilising Cleanworks’ professional commercial cleaners, you will be adding an essential line of defence to make your business COVID safe, while experiencing all the other benefits of having a clean and sanitised work environment.

Along with hiring a professional cleaner, some of the best practices to prevent the spread of COVID in your commercial space include:

  • Comply with the guidelines listed above on the Safe Work Australia website
  • Ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) is readily available to any staff or customers should they require it
  • List the correct handwashing and PPE requirements at the front of your store
  • Make checking in easier through the COVID safe check-in tool
  • Keep the lines of communication open with employees on how to address customers if they are unwell or not wearing PPE, your requirements on their PPE usage, and the importance of staying home if they’re unwell
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces as often as possible using approved disinfectants
  • Dispose of used PPE correctly and often
  • Be prepared for a 24-hour deep clean and air out if your business has been contaminated or potentially contaminated
  • Follow industry-specific guidelines set out by your states government

You can never be too careful when dealing with something as dangerous as COVID-19. The risk to your business is not only that people can fall ill, but that you may run into profit loss with forced closures or fines for not following guidelines correctly, not to mention the impact such an event could have on your reputation.

Experience the Cleanworks Difference…

The team at Cleanworks is here to make embracing the new normal easier and more feasible for your business. Commercial cleaning exists not only to make your space look amazing, but to keep it safe for all to work in and enjoy. Our specialist cleaning experts are ready to bring the best to your business and help you to fight against COVID-19. Our cleaners will bring the right experience and tools to fight the problem so that you can focus on keeping your business running how it should.

With regular scheduled cleans by equipped cleaners who work with scrupulous attention to detail, high-quality training and a depth of experience – you can rest assured that you’re doing your absolute best to protect your people and keep Australia running how it should.

We will notice things that you can’t, clean areas you didn’t even know were dirty and take a major point of stress off your shoulders. We do our best work so that you can do yours with our range of commercial cleaning services.

Contact Cleanworks, your specialist cleaning service experts!

Tick the insurmountable list of COVID-19 cleaning requirements off your to-do list and let Cleanworks keep you and your business safe.
Call us on 1300 609 419 or send us an enquiry.


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