What Is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is the term that refers to specialist cleaning within facilities such as warehouses, factories, manufacturing spaces, storage units, and more. The staff and management of such facilities and operations are often under pressure with work happening around the clock and a high standard of safety is always required. In addition to these demands, hygiene is becoming more of a focus across every industry since the rise of the pandemic and stringent measures are required to maintain the regular operation.

Industrial cleaning requires special training and specific tools to be completed to the standard of the government’s health and safety measures. The main struggle for facilities is finding the time to not only train their staff on proper industrial cleaning methods but allowing enough time in their busy schedules to complete the cleaning consistently and to high standards. Many business owners need to consider remaining active, engaged and efficient in the front, well oiled and functional in the back, all while sticking to a tight staff budget. Additionally, the gaps between cleans can’t be left too long, and without a strict schedule – tasks will pile up causing clutter, mess and obstacles.

What is involved in industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning calls for more than just a quick sweep and mop every afternoon and can include aspects such as:
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Cobweb removal and a dusting of hard-to-reach areas
  • Steam cleaning of tiled areas
  • Supply of kitchen and toilet consumables
  • Warehouse scrubbing
  • Window cleaning (all heights)
  • Graffiti removal
  • Exit cleans
  • Bolt removal and concrete repair
  • And more

It can be difficult to know what is needed for your space, whereas a professional cleaner – such as the Cleanworks crew – can examine your facility and understand its requirements before implementing them to the highest standard. If your industrial space requires specialist equipment or high levels of staff training to clean, hiring a professional will save you time, storage space, money, and effort, all while ensuring your business can keep running as it should.

Health, Safety & Productivity

Industrial cleaning should not be underestimated, as its neglect can result in fines, injury, illness and even business closure. Completing it to the right standard takes good planning and considered execution, the kind of abilities that only come with experience. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, from online fashion stores to mechanical warehouses and everywhere in between are responsible for making sure their industrial cleaning is up to scratch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every facility has different requirements and a consistent need across the board is for the cleaner and the cleaning tasks to be flexible. The best industrial cleaning practice is to incorporate many different methods in one clean. One may have to go from deep cleaning oil stains off concrete to lightly polishing display shelving, and it’s important to know the tools and practices for each task. Additionally, if your business has the added danger of large machinery and tools in production or manufacturing areas, it is important to only have people in that space who understand what they’re doing and how to clean correctly according to the environment. Your professional industrial cleaner comes equipped with the knowledge, the tools, and the skills to get the job done quickly, practically and properly – keeping your business, your employees, and your equipment safe.

How can we help

With busy staff, heavy machinery, high levels of stock, and many different moving parts, it can be difficult to not only complete the cleaning but to simply schedule it regularly enough. Most business owners understand the importance of industrial cleaning, but when life and work get in the way – it can be easy to put it in the ‘too hard basket’. We understand the needs of your business and can take the hassle off your hands, keeping your business running efficiently and safely, helping you to avoid shutdowns or fines.

With over 20 years of experience serving hundreds of industrial and transport businesses, including Ampol Refinery, BlueScope Steel, Aldi and the Toll Group, our cleaners are the right choice for your business. We use the latest technologies, cleaning products and standards of training to empower our crew to maintain the high standard that we are known for Australia wide. We can make your business more streamlined and therefore more successful, and our customers love our comprehensive cleaning ‘overhauls’ to get your facility set up for cleaning success. With the threat of illnesses, injury and business closures not going away with the pandemic, the time is right to engage with a professional cleaning crew to whip your facility into shape.

Contact Cleanworks for a high-standard industrial cleaning service!

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