Top Tips for Pressure Washing Your Car Park or Parking Garage

Providing a clean and safe environment for customers and employees is essential for any commercial property.

Pressure washing your car park or parking garage is an easy way to keep it looking its best. Not only will it make the space more visually appealing, but it will help to preserve the surface of the concrete. Here are a few tips for getting the job done right.


What is pressure washing and how can it help me clean my car park or parking garage?

If you were to wash a building, vehicle, or parking garage by hand, it would require many hours of tedious and laborious work.

With pressure washing, organic and inorganic debris such as dirt, mould, dust, salt spray, and loose paint is quickly removed with powerful, targeted blasts of water.

Car parks and parking garages are subjected to many elements, such as mud, oil, grease, and debris. Some of these are incredibly difficult to remove without the right tools, which is where pressure cleaning comes in. Semi-annual pressure cleanings can not only help keep your parking garage looking great, but they will help it last longer.


The benefits of pressure washing a car park or parking garage


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Car parks and parking garages offer a vital service to the community and therefore need to be properly maintained.

The benefits of pressure cleaning your parking garage:


  • Helps with your professional image

For the majority of people, a car is one of their most expensive possessions. When they park it, they want to have a feeling of security and not feel uneasy when they leave. A messy, dirty car park will put people on edge, regardless of how secure your lot is.

Odds are, for a lot of customers, your car park or parking garage will be the first part of your business they spend any time in. Pressure cleaning this area helps to create a good first impression. People associate cleanliness with safety and security, therefore the cleaner your car park, the happier people will be to leave their vehicles there.


  • Safety

Carparks are a liability risk for owners, especially if they’re not well maintained. Oil spills are particularly risky, as they can cause employees, tenants, or customers to fall and injure themselves. In the long term, without proper maintenance, your car park can develop cracks and potholes which can be a tripping hazard and possibly damage vehicles.

Accumulating rubbish can attract pests, such as cockroaches and rats, which along with being unhygienic, is not a great look for any business. No one wants the first thing a customer says is that they just saw a rat.


  • Avoid long term maintenance costs

Like regularly servicing your car or getting check-ups from your dentist, regular car park cleaning helps avoid long-term damage. Dirt, oil, and debris build-up can damage your car park by penetrating the surfaces and eventually causing cracks and potholes. Not only will this be a bad look for your establishment, but it will be a safety hazard for your employees and customers. Fixing this sort of damage can be very expensive, so from a financial perspective, it’s best to take a prevention approach.


How to pressure wash your car park or parking garage

In the interest of doing a thorough job and avoiding damage, it’s best to perform a pressure wash when the garage isn’t full of cars. There are different types of pressure washers for different cleaning needs. For concrete areas with oil stains and other difficult-to-remove marks, you’ll probably want a high-pressure hose. Talk to whoever you’re hiring from about your needs and follow their recommendations.

If you choose to pressure wash the car park yourself, try to use hot water rather than cold. Be sure to wear eye protection, as the force of the water can send bits of debris and loose concrete flying.

While it is possible to do pressure washing by yourself, it can turn out to be a more expensive option than hiring someone to do it. If you’re washing an entire commercial parking garage, the process can be labour-intensive and time-consuming, especially if you haven’t done this before.

If your parking garage has been neglected or has experienced hardship, like a natural disaster, you’ll find cleaning it yourself especially difficult.

3 Pressure washing tips for best results:

  1. It’s best to start too far away from a surface than too close – this is especially true if you’re pressure cleaning anything painted or you’re worried about damaging it. You can always move closer until you feel comfortable.
  2. Pressure washers are powerful tools so never point them at another person, or use them while standing on a ladder as the force could cause you to lose your balance.
  3. Pressure washing your car park regularly will help keep it looking clean and could prevent damage.


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Frequently asked questions about pressure washing:

Are there any risks to DIY pressure cleaning?

Some mistakes can be easily made by anyone who hasn’t used pressure cleaning before. Something to consider is the issue of drainage. If not done properly, you can clog up your drains, thereby replacing one problem with a whole new one.

There’s also the issue of misjudging the pressure and damaging paintwork. Like most things, there is a learning curve to using a pressure washer, the key lesson is understanding what pressure is appropriate for which job and situation. It’s best to reach out to a professional cleaning company for commercial pressure cleaning.

How can I maintain my parking garage?

Outside of scheduled pressure cleaning services, little things can help keep your garage looking its best. Removing rubbish and sweeping regularly can help delay build-up and keep your space hygienic and looking nice.


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