Is it Time to Clean Your Vinyl Floors or Hire a Professional?

Cleanworks explains why you need to hire professional cleaners to maintain your vinyl flooring.

The floors of a workplace or business are one of the fastest areas to accumulate dirt and require regular cleaning. It’s important to keep them clean and looking good for you, your staff, clients, or customers. As providers of professional office cleaning in Brisbane, we answer the question of whether a professional cleaner is the best option for you when it comes to cleaning your vinyl floors.

Vinyl Flooring: The popular choice for businesses

The thought of vinyl flooring may give you flashbacks to old 70’s era houses with gawky, bright fluorescent colours, but vinyl flooring has since come a long way. It comes in a variety of styles and colours, and some floors you may not even realise are vinyl at first!

Vinyl flooring remains an extremely popular flooring option for commercial workplaces, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, childcare, and health care settings. Why? It is an affordable, durable, low maintenance, soft flooring option, perfect for areas with high traffic, that need to be stain and water-resistant.

Cleaning a Vinyl Floor

On the surface, cleaning a vinyl floor is a relatively simple process. General cleaning does not require specialist training, and vinyl’s easy to clean nature is part of its appeal.

Our recommended steps for cleaning a vinyl floor yourself are:
  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove any debris
  2. Mix warm water and a neutral floor disinfectant in a bucket
  3. Dip a microfibre mop into the mixture and thoroughly mop the floor surface
  4. Rinse the microfibre mop and wipe the floor to remove any excess water
  5. If needed, apply a vinyl floor sealant to protect and prolong the life of your floors

Why do I need a professional?

Cleaning vinyl floors sounds easy to do, and usually, it is, so why do you need a professional’s help? There are several crucial reasons why using a professional cleaner for vinyl floors is a better option for you and your business:

Health and safety

Often, vinyl is used in areas that encounter spills, stains and heavy traffic. With its common use in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, the need for cleaning relates closely to the health and safety of the people in it.

The need for health and safety is heightened in businesses relating to health care, aged care and childcare. These industries tend to use vinyl flooring because of the nature of their work, the amount of cleaning required and the number of spills, stains and messes the floors encounter.

The cleaning process for these industries involves more than just general mopping know-how. It requires an industry understanding of health and safety cleaning. For example, it’s important to ensure any spaces that are meant to be sterile or used for food preparation are mopped separately to areas like bathrooms and cleaning stations. This specialist cleaning knowledge of professional cleaners extends far beyond knowing how to perform a general mop and clean.

As professional cleaners, not only do we have a full understanding of the importance of clean floors for health and safety, but it is also one of our biggest priorities. Cleaning floors isn’t something we will overlook or miss during a busy season, during a staff shortage or when a day hasn’t gone to plan. For us, it is our focus and priority, while you and your staff understandably have others. Having a professional cleaner looking after your vinyl floors means that you can focus your attention where you need to while knowing that any health and safety concerns will be taken care of properly.

Using professional office cleaning in Brisbane helps show your commitment to health and safety and ensures that items like clean floors remain a priority no matter what is happening in the workplace.

Convenience and cost savings

Commercial floors require intensive regular cleaning. In large spaces or busy workplaces, doing this yourself can be a waste of your time and resources. For example, cleaning industrial buildings requires deep planning as well as specialised cleaning tools to get the job done effectively. Having a professional cleaner take care of your floors will be faster than doing it yourself because we are well practised and do it day in and day out.

Vinyl is often used for large spaces, and the time involved for you to clean it yourself is usually better outsourced to a professional. This means that you can focus on what you do best and use your time focussing on making your work more profitable and successful, while we take care of the nitty-gritty cleaning details.

Using a professional cleaner also means that the cleaning can be arranged outside of business hours, or during your quieter hours of operation to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. It is much more convenient to be able to close up shop at the end of the day or for the weekend, knowing that a professional cleaner will be coming in to take care of the floors and other cleaning duties, rather than trying to do this around your work hours.

Longevity of your floors

Our industry knowledge and skill mean that we know the best way to clean your floors, no matter what state they are in or what stains, marks or messes are on them. General cleaning may seem straightforward, but we clean floors every day and know all the best troubleshooting, care and maintenance practices for any out of the ordinary issues that may crop up.

All it takes is one well-meaning staff member to take a wire brush to a scuff mark, and suddenly you’ll have a permanent scratch in your vinyl that will likely cause ongoing issues and need to be replaced. Using a professional cleaner means that you get the best insight and industry cleaning tips for anything outside the scope of general cleaning, ensuring better care and longevity for your floors.

It’s time to call in the professionals

Cleaning vinyl floors is one of those tasks that anyone can do when it’s a simple mess, but a professional cleaner can do better no matter what’s involved, saving you time, effort and money. Professional office cleaning in Brisbane ensures that health and safety remain a priority, that your floors are cared for and maintained properly, and lets you focus on what you do best in your business.

Our professional, commercial vinyl floor cleaners are industry trained experts. We endeavour to understand the unique requirements of every business we work with, and ensure our services make your job easier, your workplace cleaner and the environment safer for everyone. Contact us today to find out more.

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