Three DIY Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Windows

Have you ever done a DIY job on your office windows only to walk in the next day to find the morning light exposing the streaks you left behind? If you answered yes, don’t feel disheartened because this is a very common occurrence.

Being in the business of commercial cleaning, we have valuable tips and tricks that can help you leave your commercial windows gleaming and streak-free.

To avoid information overload from the knowledge we have accumulated over our years of experience, we have outlined three main tips that, when combined, will make all the difference to your window cleaning results. These tips include choosing the right equipment, using the best technique and considering important variables.

Choosing the right equipment

Good commercial window cleaners like us often use specialised and top-quality equipment that other industry workers wouldn’t normally use or have on hand.

The most readily available type of equipment to clean windows in most workplaces is a rag, but the key to producing a streak-free window is a good quality squeegee. Why? It comes down to the material and the microscopic crevices on the glass surface.

When you use a rag to clean a window, especially rags that are not as absorbent, it often leaves streaks behind as dirt and moisture is spread and caught in the crevices of the glass instead of being removed. Furthermore, rags are often shed, leaving behind particles of debris and lint among the streaks. This can all be avoided by using a squeegee due to its strong, waterproof and rubber edge.

Moreover, a squeegee is not much used without some form of liquid. The best formula for washing windows, and one that is readily available in most workplaces, is dishwashing liquid and warm water. Dishwashing liquid cuts through grease and dirt and provides a smooth and soapy surface for your squeegee to glide across, as opposed to any other recommended liquids, like vinegar, and warm water, and makes the dirt particles easier to wipe away.
Other equipment to consider using for a gleaming and streak-free window could include a sleeve mop or sponge (to apply the liquid formula and help wipe off tough marks), a scraper (to remove any stubborn spots like paint or dried mud) and a clean cloth (to wipe down the blade of the squeegee).

Using the best technique

Once you have the right equipment for cleaning windows, it’s important to learn the best five-step technique for using the equipment to eliminate the chance of streaks.

  1. Apply the liquid formula with a sleeve mop or sponge on the glass, giving the glass a good scrub.
  2. Create a dry zone with the edge of your squeegee to create what will look like a one-to-two-centimetre strip that is adjacent to the top and left frame of the window (this will prevent excess moisture from getting stuck at the top and left frame of the window).
  3. Glide your squeegee across the window in a horizontal direction starting in the top left of the dry zone (Make sure the top edge of the squeegee is tilted slightly forward to help direct the moisture down).
  4. Bring the squeegee blade to meet the edge of the frame when you get to the other side and remove the squeegee from the window.
  5. Repeat the process until you reach the bottom making sure you overlap each stroke by at least three or four centimetres.

Bonus tip: to extend the life of your squeegee and for a better result, wipe the rubber blade down after each stroke and replace the blade when it’s no longer producing a streak-free window – similar to your car’s windscreen wiper blades.

When it comes to DIY commercial window cleaning, we assume you aren’t using techniques that involve hydraulic lifts or abseiling down a one-hundred story building. Instead, it should be a job that can be done with your feet firmly on the ground or at least only using a standard height ladder.

If your business requires commercial window cleaning for heights further than you can reach, Cleanworks offers cost-effective and qualified expert solutions that include water-fed poles, abseiling and elevated work platforms (EWP). To find out which solution is most suitable for your business, read more about our Commercial Windows & Glass Cleaning and get in touch with our helpful team.

Considering important variables

To further your success in reaching professional commercial cleaning standards, there are some important variables to consider that will vastly enhance your window cleaning results.

Consider avoiding direct and strong sunlight when cleaning your commercial windows. The heat from the sun can cause the liquid formula on the window to dry faster which means you will need to work faster to combat the streaks. Do your window washing in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid this issue.

However, if you are cleaning with too little light to see, streaks can be easily missed. This brings us back to the all too familiar experience of arriving at work in the morning to find streaks left from the previous day’s cleaning. Always ensure you have adequate light to work with so you can see what you’re doing.

Furthermore, the frequency of cleaning your commercial windows is important to consider. Windows that come in frequent contact with hands (for example, entryways) should be part of a daily routine, if not, weekly. Other windows should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep on top of dirt and grime and to keep a professional business image.

While these three tips may help you or your employees become proficient at cleaning commercial windows, you might find that hiring a professional commercial window cleaner from Cleanworks is easier, faster and more cost-effective.

At Cleanworks, we offer specialised commercial cleaning to businesses around the country in areas including Brisbane, Toowoomba, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, and the Gold Coast. We are passionate about delivering an exceptional standard of cleaning for businesses that meets their various and individual needs.

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