Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning Services

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Prevention is better than cure

This statement applies to almost anything in life. In the case of business, commercial sites and workspaces, preventing possible issues before they turn into problems is the best defence against future complications. The best way to avoid the use of backups, and to prevent breakage, overflow, and leaks, is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Cleanworks understand the importance and advantage of having a sound and effective preventative maintenance program.

We know how to keep everything clean, sanitised, disinfected, and organised. From your business’s glass exteriors to its concrete foundations, metal roofs, and gutters, rooms, lobbies, hallways, plumbing, door locks, alarm and security, sprinkler system, HVAC, to waste disposal; Cleanworks can take care of anything and everything.

Our expert cleaners are extensively trained, highly experienced, and fully equipped to meet not just your preventative maintenance and cleaning needs, but more importantly, promote a comfortable and safe workspace for everyone.


Why you need preventative maintenance and cleaning

It is easy for any building – be it an office, manufacturing factory, medical facility, school, warehouse, etc. – to get bogged down with expensive repairs and become unsafe if it is not properly maintained and regularly repaired. Cleaning and maintenance aren’t only for aesthetics; they also ensure the whole workspace is safe for everyone inside it. This is where the importance of periodic inspection and preventative maintenance comes into the picture – to identify and prevent problems before they cause anything serious.

Regular inspections and service works are some of the common maintenance tasks that are often overlooked. These tasks are generally straightforward and don’t require special skills or equipment. The problem with many building and business owners is that they fail to hire a professional service to ensure everything is done properly. They put different people, with different sets of standards, on their cleaning and maintenance work, resulting in inconsistent and unreliable work.

Cleanworks keeps a straightforward and no-nonsense approach when it comes to preventative maintenance and cleaning services. Our expert professional cleaners are adequately certified with credentials to perform a thorough inspection of everything that is inside and outside your property. We make sure that routine work orders are accurately performed in a way that doesn’t disrupt the operation of your business.

Maximize the value of your assets with preventative maintenance

Timely and regular maintenance plays a huge role in maximising the value of your business’s assets, whether it’s a building structure for your office, manufacturing facility, warehouse, etc. There is no better way to ensure your workspace is clean, presentable, organised, inviting, and safe than by scheduling routine maintenance and commercial cleaning.

The best part of it is, you don’t need to budget for emergency (and often expensive) repairs, since your equipment and machines will suffer less frequent breakdowns and be maintained to work at their best. Ultimately, this also adds to the life expectancy of your important equipment and machinery, and lowers utility bills.


Save Money + Effort With Preventative Maintenance

Without proper maintenance, the floors, walls, bathrooms, and just about every other surface and fixture in your facility will age prematurely, leading to expensive and unnecessary repair and replacement costs. The unfortunate reality of proper maintenance (which is almost never incorporated into your week-to-week cleaning routines) is that it is mainly conducted reactively after a problem has occurred, by which time it’s either too late or exceedingly expensive to fix properly.

The Cleanworks Asset Maintenance Plan (C.A.M.P.) has been developed to help with this exact problem. We work with organisations to assess their unique needs and develop tailored maintenance programs, which take into account the value of their assets, rate of ongoing wear and tear, OH&S risks and responsibilities, and the professional presentation of the business. Drawing on Cleanworks’ 20 years of industry experience, our seasoned maintenance cleaning experts are able to develop an optimised ‘Set & Forget’ schedule which allows you to pre-program the cost-effective maintenance of your assets.

Your organisation’s C.A.M.P. can incorporate any configuration of cleaning tasks and asset including:

Using our hassle-free 3-step process, Cleanworks can create a plan which will help your organisation:

Make a positive change

Whether you are outsourcing your workplace’s cleaning for the first time, searching for a more reliable alternative to your current cleaning provider or shopping around to make sure you are getting value for money, you should speak with Cleanworks.

Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across BrisbaneGold CoastToowoombaSydney, Newcastle & Melbourne.


Whether it’s a commercial, retail, or industrial maintenance, we always keep a checklist to ensure compliance with the local standards:

For general building and interior:

  • Inspection of ceilings, floors, and wall conditions
  • Check locks on all doors
  • Look for plumbing problems such as leaks and water damage
  • Ensure all railings and stairways are tight and secured
  • Hallways and lobbies properly lighted and cleaned
  • Check exits are properly marked
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change their batteries if needed
  • Pest inspection, pest control and pest treatment
  • Checks for tripping hazards throughout the property

For exterior:

  • Check the perimeter of the building for any signs of damage or things that need maintenance
  • Check the windows
  • Clean and clear the roof and gutters of debris
  • Clean the entire building of trash
  • Check the landscaping, sidewalks, parking lots 

Building Systems

  • Test the fire alarm and security system
  • Test the sprinkler
  • Look for possible problems in the fixtures, furniture, lighting, wires, etc.
  • The HVAC maintenance and boilers
  • Check the air-conditioning and ventilation systems

We will start with a complimentary consultation to assess your needs, as well as the type and extent of preventative maintenance service you need, before making a customised program specifically for you. The program can include your whole system or certain aspects of it. 

What Our Clients Say

The people I deal with at Cleanworks have an incredibly positive attitude. Nothing is too hard. Nothing is ever more than one phone call or email or text message from being fixed.

Genesis Christian College

Their planning was extensive and what they promised, we got. Their staff are friendly and good at what they do and their supervisors are efficient and obviously know their industry well. They do a great job.

Toowoomba Grammar School

Any issues have always been taken seriously and actioned quickly. Trust has been exceptional.


The follow-up of service is second to none. Any time I have had an issue or a query the matter has been attended to very promptly and the follow-up has been outstanding.

Bournedrill Pty Ltd

The selection of staff Cleanworks has chosen is amazing! Everyone is professional, approachable, friendly and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Brisbane Materials Technology

The cleaning services to date have exceeded our expectations. An outstanding performance by everyone involved.

Geofabrics Australasia

We are very happy with the cleaning that was performed. Not only were our concerns addressed and rectified, the staff were extremely helpful and friendly.

Bartercard Brisbane East

The support staff have been great. We were also very impressed with the ‘overhaul’ and thorough clean when Cleanworks began.


Incidences are resolved swiftly without issue. Very impressed with the diligence shown by staff and supervisors from Cleanworks.

EM Solutions

The pre-start engagement was fantastic, from the estimate to the communication around the process. Thoroughly professional.

SmartCap Technologies

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