A Guide to Scrubbing Your Warehouse Clean 

Cleanworks Australia, industrial cleaning experts in Brisbane, explain the best ways to ensure your warehouse is clean and safe for your workers.

First published: May, 2022
Updated: October, 2023

If you’re the owner of a warehouse, then keeping it clean is likely one of your top priorities. A clean warehouse is not only more pleasant to work in, but it’s safer and more efficient. As professional industrial cleaners in Brisbane, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about scrubbing your warehouse clean.

From the tools you need to the best techniques for getting the job done, we have you covered. So read on to get started on making your warehouse sparkle!

Areas of a warehouse that most commonly need to be cleaned:

Warehouses have a lot of activity which inevitably leads to mess and areas needing to be cleaned. Some of the most common areas that need cleaning are:

  • Floors: Warehouses are busy places, with a lot of foot traffic and machinery. This takes a toll on your floors, and you’ll want to stay on top of floor maintenance as mess will build up quickly.
  • Roofs and walls: One of the big differences between cleaning a warehouse and cleaning other workplaces is the high ceilings. A haven for dust, cobwebs, and grime, these areas need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Carparks and outside areas: It doesn’t take long for carparks to become messy, especially with a lot of employees and deliveries coming and going. Not to mention, if the carpark is outdoors, it will be exposed to whatever the weather throws at it.
  • Countertops, benches, and any surfaces: The last few years have driven home the importance of good hygiene, so any regularly used surface should be wiped down frequently.
  • Any facilities like bathrooms and break-rooms: No one likes a messy bathroom or break-room. Not only is it good hygiene to keep these places tidy, but it will make your team happy as well.

Regular cleans are part of good maintenance, helping your floors and structure last longer and prevent damage.

Types of warehouse/industrial flooring and how to clean them

Knowing and understanding the type of warehouse flooring you have is the first step to understanding the best approach to cleaning them. Here are the most common industrial flooring types in warehouses:

  • Industrial concrete flooring – The most common warehouse flooring, is cheap and durable. It can be vulnerable to stains which can make it look unsightly. When it comes to cleaning, it’s common to use automatic floor scrubbing machines or a mop. For daily maintenance, regular sweeping and vacuums will help manage the build-up of debris and dirt.
  • Polished concrete – A popular durable choice for busy warehouses. These can be cleaned with warm water and a microfibre mop. Avoid products like Pine-Sol, bleach, vinegar, or any harsher cleaning products as they can dull and discolour your polish.
  • Epoxy flooring – A great option for anywhere that could experience a lot of spills (anywhere that manufactures or stores a liquid product). Using soap can result in a residue build-up on Epoxy Flooring, so always start with warm water and a mop. If that doesn’t work, use a very small amount of detergent.
  • Tiles – a popular choice for smaller storage spaces, and often made from PVC. To clean, first, use a soft broom or vacuum to remove any excess dirt or debris. When mopping, use a neutral detergent mixed with water at a ratio of 1:10. If the manufacturer of your PVC tiles provided guidelines, follow those.

When it comes to anything that might stain, the sooner you address the problem, the better. If you can clean up the substance before it has a chance to set, you’ll be less likely to stain your warehouse floor.

Not sure what surface your floor is? It’s best to call expert industrial cleaners in Brisbane before you start cleaning. Choosing the wrong cleaning method could damage your flooring which will be expensive to fix.

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How to scrub warehouse ceilings and walls

While the floor is the first thing that may come to mind when it comes to cleaning, it’s vital to remember the walls and ceilings as well.

Though not as susceptible to spills, your ceilings and walls can be a perfect place for dust build-up if left unchecked. This can be unsightly and cause respiration problems for your work team.

Some items you’ll need to clean your warehouse walls and ceilings include:

  • Telescopic Cleaning Pole: This will provide you with a long reach and in any case, mean your feet won’t have to leave the ground while you dust.
  • Goggles: You may be surprised how dusty your roof can get and the last thing you’ll want is to get dust in your eye.
  • A Forked Duster: Anyone who has cleaned a fan knows how dirty they can get. A forked duster can be attached to your telescopic cleaning pole to make cleaning your warehouse fans a breeze.
  • Ladder: For areas where the telescopic pole cannot reach. Always make sure you have a sure, steady footing when using a ladder, and never stand on the top few steps. If possible, have someone else on hand to hold the ladder for you.

Cleaning your ceilings and walls will have a knock-on effect of helping you keep your floors clean as well. We recommend cleaning the ceiling and walls before the flooring to avoid messing up your clean floor.

Tips for cleaning your warehouse

Here are a few extra helpful tips when cleaning your warehouse:

  • It’s best to do your cleaning when no one else is there so you don’t disturb your workers. Also, allow time for your floors to dry before anyone needs to use them.
  • Take your time. Rushing the job can result in you missing spots, and not doing an adequate job.
  • Always double-check before using any cleaning product or chemicals to make sure it won’t damage your floor.
  • Equipment like pressure cleaners can cause damage if used incorrectly. Always make sure the equipment you’re using is appropriate for the job at hand.

Hiring someone to clean for you

The truth of the matter is if you’re running a warehouse, you’re a busy person. With everything else on your plate and in the interest of getting the job done right, it might be worth looking into hiring a professional industrial cleaner in Brisbane to clean your warehouse for you. Not only will you have the benefit of a professional clean, but you’ll be able to spend your time on other things.

Some of the benefits of a professional clean include:

  • Create a pleasant environment for you and your team without having to do it yourself.
  • Takes the hassle and stress out of the process.
  • Professional cleaners already have the tools and equipment, plus the know-how on how and when to use them.
  • Professionals have the expertise to tackle any situation.
  • A professional not only get better results, but they’ll do it in a fraction of the time of an amateur.
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing the job has been done right.

Whether you have a small storage space or a large multi-building site, Cleanworks has seen it all.

We don’t underestimate the task of cleaning your warehouse and the importance of a clean work area. We’ll carefully choose both the staff and equipment to match the needs of your specific situation, to make sure we deliver results.

Contact Cleanworks for professional warehouse cleaning services!​

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