How Do Professional Cleaning Services Clean Medical Centres?

Medical facilities such as medical clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes accommodate patients of all ailments and health conditions. This is why they require the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene than any other commercial establishment. While daily routine cleaning is imperative, more is needed to secure the cleanliness and sanitariness of these facilities. This is where the importance of professional cleaning services, specifically medical centre cleaning, gets into the picture. But what do medical centre cleaning services really do? How is medical centre cleaning services in Brisbane different from regular commercial cleaning services such as office cleaning? Here is everything you need to know about professional cleaning for healthcare centres.

What makes medical centre cleaning different?

Medical centre cleaning services is not your regular commercial cleaning

There is a vast difference between medical centre cleaning and commercial cleaning of regular workspaces. Yes, both require vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces, etc. However, commercial cleaning services for offices, schools, warehouses, etc., rarely have to worry about microorganisms like germs, disease-causing bacteria and airborne viruses, as well as medical wastes (syringes, needles, etc.), bodily fluids (urine, stool, blood samples with bloodborne pathogens drawn from patients), hazardous chemicals, etc. Combine that with the fact that these places are high foot traffic facilities; a lot of dirt, dust, and debris gets inside the site from people coming in and out of the facility every day. This makes healthcare centres hotbeds for various health risks.

Moreover, medical centre facilities must also deal with contaminations, pathogens, and microorganisms that may cause infections and diseases.

What is included in medical cleaning services?

Waiting Room

Access to specialised cleaning products and hospital-grade cleaning solutions

Professional cleaners have access to specialist cleaning equipment, tools, and solutions, that are often unavailable to the public. Moreover, medical cleaning services in Brisbane use hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure fast and effective cleaning that removes and kills 99% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Infection control through a specialist cleaning

Medical centres and clinics require detailed and diligent routine cleaning programs. To ensure highly satisfactory cleaning, medical centre cleaning service providers use targeted cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation approach for spaces and surfaces to remove bacteria and viruses and ensure effective infection control safely.

Strict adherence to health and safety guidelines

Medical cleaning services providers follow the health and safety guidelines from the health department and are regularly updated on the changes in policies and procedures. Their professional cleaners undergo continuous training to ensure they follow health and safety protocols, from cleaning, disinfecting to disposing of hazardous wastes.

Extra meticulous cleaning

Detailed vacuuming

There is no such thing as quick vacuuming in hospital cleaning. Medical center cleaning involves detailed vacuuming, corner to corner and edge to edge. No stone is left unturned. Moreover, professional cleaners use HEPA 4-stage filtration vacuum to ensure optimal cleaning. This filter removes not just dirt and dust but even allergens and tiny microparticles in the air.

Thorough mopping

The same principle goes with moping – corner to corner and edge to edge. Disinfection services in healthcare facilities mean floors are mopped, even if they don’t look dirty.

Systematic and complete disinfection

Medical centre washrooms, particularly the toilets and urinals, are used by multiple people on a daily basis, and can harbour a lot of germs. The same goes for diagnostic labs, exam rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units, and clinics. Thus, these areas house lots of nasty things ranging from bacteria to viruses. These disease-causing germs require special cleaning to properly kill and remove from the bathrooms.

Professional cleaners use special solutions and cleaning products for urinal and toilet cleaning. This is to ensure washrooms are properly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitised.

Scrupulous wiping down of surfaces

When it comes to wiping down surfaces, cleaners of medical centre cleaning services use a colour-coded microfiber cloth. Each colour is designated for a specific area and used with a special cleaning agent. Unlike standard office cleaning, medical centre cleaning require different cleaning solutions due to the nature of the environment.

Regular disposal of rubbish bins

To minimise the risk of cross contamination, cleaners empty bins properly, specially in treatment rooms and surgery rooms. To ensure health and safety, bin liners are taken out and replaced regularly, whether they are full or not. The same goes for the rubbish bins in the reception area and waiting rooms.

Why do commercial cleaners not clean certain areas of healthcare centres

This may sound counterproductive, but there are certain areas where the medical or healthcare facility themselves don’t allow commercial cleaning services.

Why? It boils down to three things:

  • To mitigate cross-contamination

  • To negate the risk of influencing test and lab results

  • Hospital employees are tasked to clean these areas

There are certain areas in hospitals and medical facilities where cleaners are not allowed. Moreover, healthcare workers are actually trained to properly clean areas in the facility, wipe down surfaces, and dispose of medical waste. Thus, they are tasked to clean the surgery room, lab preparation tables, testing tables, certain medical equipment, and more.

The Cleanworks Advantage

What makes Cleanworks’ medical centre cleaning services the best choice?

Highly trained cleaners

Cleanworks ensures that all cleaners in our medical centre cleaning services are extensively trained. This starts from our stringent hiring procedure; we only hire disciplined individuals with exceptional attention to detail and a positive outlook towards their work.

We invest in continuously training our cleaners with the most efficient and safe training processes, using modern state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, and with strict adherence to the health and safety guidelines of the local government. Our comprehensive training ensures each of our cleaners is well-versed in cleaning various aspects of medical cleaning, and they will leave no stone unturned. This level of expertise is crucial in medical cleaning, where mistakes can lead to a potential outbreak. Moreover, we fully understand the risk involved in medical cleaning. Thus, we always train our staff to protect themselves. They know how to keep themselves clean and safe, and they always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

High-standard medical cleaning

All processes in Cleanworks’ medical cleaning services are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety standards of the local government. We use health-certified specialised hospital-grade cleaning agents to clean, disinfect, and sanitise areas and surfaces, all without compromising the safety of well being of patients, staff, and our cleaners.

We work alongside the Australian Government Department of Health to ensure high quality medical cleaning. Our comprehensive medical cleaning services include hygienic cleaning processes to avoid cross-contamination, proper sanitation of healthcare facility equipment and machinery, and proper handling of cleaning equipment and tools.

Customised medical cleaning services

Here at Cleanworks, we understand that no two healthcare facilities are the same. Each facility has a different set of equipment and machinery, and each room has a specific purpose. However, all of them require the highest level of professional medical cleaning. This is why our medical cleaning services are client-centric. Meaning we customise our medical cleaning based on the specific needs of the facility.

Contact Cleanworks for the highest level of medical cleaning!​

Contact Cleanworks today and get a free quote for your medical cleaning services in Brisbane. Call us on 1300 609 419 or send us an enquiry.


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