New Window Cleaning Technology Saving Clients Thousands

Emerging Window Cleaning Technology Will Make Cleaning Cheaper

When it comes to your business’ windows, bigger isn’t always better. A towering headquarters covered in shimmering glass may be a sight to behold, but that beauty doesn’t come without a significant maintenance bill.

Traditionally, any window above one storey in height is going to necessitate some rather expensive specialist equipment for its cleaning. Cleaning options making use of abseiling, boom or scissor lifts invariably include substantial equipment rental fees, typically require multiple workers present to meet safety standards, and are slow and cumbersome to move from window-to-window. Combined, these three factors lead to the unfortunate, though justifiably, high cost of cleaning elevated or difficult to reach windows.

However, the good news is that emerging technology is changing this and in many cases making this type of cleaning cheaper than it has ever been before. While taller buildings, over 10 storeys in height, will continue to rely primarily upon abseiling for their cleaning, new water-fed pole technology is now making it possible to clean windows up to 24 metres in height (eight storeys) more quickly, with fewer staff and without the need for expensive lift equipment.

“as much as $3000 less to clean a typical five storey building”

The new water-fed pole is a relatively simple concept in practice, which combines a lightweight extendable carbon fibre pole, cleaning brush, hose and a specialised filter system that softens the water, removing heavy metals such as copper to allow for a streak-free clean without the need for chemical agents.

Weighing in at just 13 kilograms, the system can be transported onsite using a regular, non-specialised vehicle and easily erected and shifted about by a single operator. Delivering a powerful, yet glass-friendly pressure of 100 PSI, the pole system has enough grunt to shift stubborn build-ups without risking damage to the window’s surface.

The net result is a highly transportable piece of equipment that can be operated by a single cleaner, doesn’t require multiple applications of washing agent and rinsing, and can transfer from window-to-window quickly and easily as the user moves about freely on foot.

Water-fed pole window cleaning system

For businesses with windows within a 4-24 metre height range, this presents an incredible opportunity to reduce the cost of building maintenance, with the potential to slash the price of cleaning the windows on a typical five storey building by as much as $3000 in a single job.

However, businesses looking to benefit from water-fed pole technology should be warned that they will likely need to take some initiative to realise the aforementioned savings – many window cleaners are yet to adopt this new equipment, which means older methods and higher prices if you choose with the wrong provider.

If your business could benefit from a smarter window cleaning service, then Cleanworks is available to support your needs Australia-wide. We clean windows of all heights can offer you great rates using the new water-fed pole system or abseiling gear, boom and scissor lift where necessary. We can even test and certify your building’s abseiling anchor points when we come to clean your windows!

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