Tips for Managing the Cleaning of High-Traffic Areas in Your Medical Centre

Cleanworks explains how you can keep your high-traffic areas sparkling clean and hygienic for your patients.

No patient wants to enter a doctor’s office and see dirty floors, spills and stains while they are waiting for their appointment. Thus, keeping high-traffic areas clean and hygienic is important for both the presentation of your medical centre, and for safety and health regulations. As providers of medical cleaning services in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane, we provide a range of advice for keeping the high-traffic areas of your medical centre sparkling clean and safe for your patients.

Use Durable Flooring Materials

One of the most efficient ways of maintaining the cleanliness of a medical centre is by being strategic about your choice of flooring material. Durable flooring materials that are easy to clean and stay hygienic, such as vinyl, are great choices for a medical setting. Other options that cling onto dirt and germs easily, such as carpet, are not always the best option.

Prompt Spill and Stain Removal

Spills and stains happen—it’s completely normal for a public space with people coming and going. However, the longer a spill or stain lingers, the harder it is to get out. Mop up spills straight away and use the right stain treatment quickly. This way, stains and spills will come out much quickly and easily, and will help your centre give a good impression to your patients.

Clean Your Carpet and Upholstery

Studies have shown that carpets hold about 4000 times more bacteria per square inch than a toilet. Thus, public seating areas (such as waiting rooms or examination rooms) in a medical setting can be areas of infectious risk, so making sure the carpet and the upholstery of seats are cleaned regularly is an important part of risk management.

Cleanworks offers quick, thorough, and effective deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery with their medical cleaning services in Newcastle.

Hiring a Regular Professional Cleaner

Nothing is more effective at keeping high-traffic areas in medical centres clean and professional than regular and thorough professional cleaning. Professional cleaning is the most effective way of maintaining a sanitary environment, preventing the spread of infections, and ensuring the safety and well-being of patients and staff. 

Contact Cleanworks for professional medical centre cleaning!​

This is not an easy job, but Cleanworks can help—we offer medical cleaning services in Newcastle and many other cities in Australia. Contact us today for a free quote for your centre’s cleaning! Call us on 1300 609 419 or send us an enquiry.


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