How Professional Cleaners Help Ensure Security in Your Workplace

Cleanworks Australia explains why hiring professional, vetted cleaners is the best option for keeping your workplace secure.

Workplace security is a growing concern for businesses. According to statistics, retail crime, such as shoplifting, robbery and vandalism, costs Australian businesses up to $9 billion each year. With confidential information, valuable equipment, and sensitive materials kept onsite, workplaces must implement practices to keep their assets and people safe. One area that is often overlooked is how professional cleaners can play a key role in ensuring security.

While many view cleaning services in Newcastle as simply there to tidy up and sanitise workplaces, the reality is that they have access to the entire workplace. This means a cleaning service that isn’t properly screened, trained, and supervised can compromise security in many ways. Here’s how professional services ensure your workplace is properly secured while cleaning is underway.

Secure Hiring Practices

When hiring professional cleaners, it’s critical that you choose to work with a company that thoroughly vets applicants to minimise security risks. This starts with comprehensive background checks on all potential hires. Reputable cleaning companies, such as Cleanworks, partner with third-party services to conduct criminal history, education, and employment verification. This helps identify any red flags in a cleaner’s past that could compromise security.

By investing time and resources into rigorous hiring practices, professional cleaning services in Newcastle demonstrate their commitment to upholding security. Proper vetting weeds out unstable and dishonest applicants, resulting in a trustworthy team.

Secure Access Procedures

Professional cleaning services also implement secure access procedures to protect the security of your workplace. This includes practices like requiring cleaners to wear ID badges and ensuring proper training for entering and exiting procedures.

These practices allow other staff to easily identify cleaners and ensure only authorised personnel have access. Professional services will provide badges and maintain records of who has been issued access.

Training on Secure Practices

Professional cleaners receive extensive training on secure practices that protect the safety and privacy of your workplace. This includes strict protocols for handling keys, alarm codes, and other sensitive information.

Cleaners are taught to never share alarm codes or make copies of keys without explicit permission. All codes and keys are carefully logged and tracked by the cleaning company.

Regular audits, like the ones conducted by Cleanworks, ensure cleaners follow all secure practices in the field. Cleaners who fail to meet security standards receive supplemental training to correct any issues observed by supervisors. This prevents bad habits and ensures the ongoing safety of your workplace.

Supervision and Accountability

Professional cleaning services in Newcastle have systems in place to monitor and manage their staff. This includes regular manager oversight of the cleaning process. Managers will periodically inspect that cleaners are following all protocols and procedures correctly.

Cleaners are also subject to routine performance reviews. This allows management to provide feedback and address any concerns about adherence to proper practices. Reviews help reinforce training and ensure standards are continually met.

At Cleanworks, we appoint each cleaning team with an operations manager who will oversee their movements while on site.

Ensure Your Workplace is Secure During Cleaning with Cleanworks

At Cleanworks, we take workplace security extremely seriously. We have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure our cleaning staff maintain the highest standards when servicing our clients. Don't compromise the security of your workplace - contact us today to learn more about our secure commercial cleaning services that will keep your facility spotless and safe.


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