How Cleanworks Assists Childcare Centres to Meet NQS Obligations

Childcare centres are some of the busiest, messiest and most chaotic environments (as they should be!), with some of the strictest cleaning standards. Providing daily care and responsibility for sometimes hundreds of children from 6 weeks to 6 years old, childcare workers are the unsung heroes of working parents and busy families. Without daycare, people wouldn’t be able to work, children would be ill-prepared for schooling, and important childhood developments would be missed. Childcare centres are expected to be open rain, hail, shine (or pandemic). We are here to make sure they are able to do so.

It’s integral that both the workers and the children are protected from the sicknesses, lack of sanitisation and inconvenience that can come with an unclean environment. Additionally, childcare centres become a second home to some children as well as steady support for parents. Therefore, it’s essential that your childcare centre remains up to code and insured through correct cleaning procedures to avoid unnecessary shutdowns or closures, and so parents can feel confident leaving their favourite little people in your care.

At Cleanworks, we understand that children are a family’s number one priority, along with the priority of the centre that looks after them. Parents should feel confident that they’re leaving their precious bundle or busy toddler in a place that will keep them safe by keeping nasty viruses at bay. This is why we work closely with several centres to meet and surpass their cleaning obligations, going above and beyond to ensure every nook and cranny is cleaned to perfection. We understand that children learn through mess, exploration and curiosity, and never expect the hardworking daycare workers or educators to keep the space spotless and sparkling. We’d rather them focus on the children, while we focus on the cleaning.

Busy parents zooming in and out of long daycares and outside school hours care, along with the rapid changes of seasons, active water play and a penchant for cuddling – is a perfect breeding ground for seasonal sicknesses. This is why each and every childcare centre must hold cleanliness as a non-negotiable priority. This is why it’s best to leave it to the childcare cleaning experts.

Our passionate and experienced cleaners can help you through:

  • Regular, everyday cleaning including carpets, desks, books, toilets, kitchens and toys.
  • Steaming your carpet to zap those nasty bacteria away.
  • Resurfacing those well-used vinyl floors for safety and sanitisation.
  • Killing bacteria in hard-to-reach places throughout your kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.
  • Cleaning windows inside and out
  • Removing bacteria and grime from bins.
  • We can even make sure your carpark is sparkling!

Your regular Cleanworks team member will be an expert at communicating, reporting and most importantly – cleaning. We aim to build relationships between our staff and clients through having the same cleaner as often as possible. If for any reason your cleaner is unavailable, we will hand-select a replacement from our pool of over 250 cleaners so that your job is never missed or left out. Whether you need specialty cleaning services or a preventative maintenance schedule – we can help. For more information on our childcare cleaning services, click here.

National Quality Standards Met & Exceeded – Every Time.

The National Quality Framework of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority consists of very clear and strict guidelines on how each centre should be kept clean and maintained. According to the Authorities website, the framework exists to achieve:

A physical environment that is safe and suitable to provide a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.


The way that the environment is designed, equipped, and organised determines the way that space and resources are used and has the potential to maximise children’s engagement and level of positive experience and inclusive relationships.

Element 3.1.2 of this framework highlights upkeep as being an essential factor to achieving the above, including that the premises, equipment and furniture are safe, clean and well maintained.

Cleanliness is essential to maintain a safe and suitable environment for children and workers along with to maintain licensing and insurance through meeting policies.

Cleanwork's Staff Cleaning Childcare Washroom Windows

The Cleanworks Difference…

Cleanworks is one of Australia’s leading cleaning companies, particularly for childcare, school facilities, corporate facilities and a range of organisations. Our goal is to consistently deliver reliable and exceptional cleaning to each client, with outstanding customer responsiveness and dedication. We will match one of our highly skilled and qualified trainers with your site, based on their area of expertise and knowledge. We aim to build a relationship with your centre, just as your workers build a relationship with your families. Your cleaner will know when your messiest days are planned when the centre closes, what needs to happen for COVID compliance, the detailed layout and specifics of your space, and more. This ensures that you don’t have a stranger on your site, but instead another member of your team who is just as passionate about the safety and cleanliness of your environment as you are. To read more about our ethos, experience and our people, click here.

Bring a positive change to your space…

We could write all day about why Cleanworks is the positive difference you need for your childcare centre, but to summarise, we can promise you:

  • Your very own meticulous cleaner.

Our cleaners are checked, qualified, trained and checked again. On top of that – they are passionate about what they do. They will clean areas you didn’t know were dirty and use expert methods you didn’t know existed.

  • A compassionate and friendly experience.

We understand how busy you are. We know how hard your workers work. We don’t expect you to vacuum and mop before we arrive, and we won’t judge the smears of paint or tracked mud through the carpet. We have open, two-way communication with you with regular check-ins and reports, and our account managers will be there for you whenever you need them.

  • The best prices around.

We understand that your centre is likely on a tight budget. Funding doesn’t grow on trees! We can strategically tailor your cleaning schedule and our methods to suit your budget. We use our years of experience to trim where needed, while still meeting your needs and expectations.

  • The great service that comes from great people (with stacks of experience)

Thanks to our thorough and complete vetting, our cleaners are the best of the bunch. You will benefit from our depth of experience in sites just like yours, meaning no nasty surprises for you or us. With criminal checks and referee checks, you can rest assured that our cleaners are the safest choice for your centre, your staff and your families.

Contact Cleanworks for professional childcare cleaning services!

If you’re ready to experience the Cleanworks difference in your childcare centre, call us today on 1300 609 419. Alternatively, send us an enquiry and one of our friendly account managers will be in touch with you.


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