Top 5 High-Touch Areas in Schools That Require Regular Cleaning

Cleanworks outlines the top 5 areas in schools that need the most attention when cleaning.

Parents expect their children to be safe and healthy when they are attending school, which is why regular, professional cleaning is necessary in educational facilities. However, there are some areas of schools that need more attention than others, due to the amount of bacteria, viruses, dirt and grime that accumulate in them. To help you decide where you should concentrate your attention for your school cleaning in Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Toowoomba, here are the top five high-touch areas that require the most regular cleaning.

1. Classroom Desks and Tables

Children spend most of their school days working at desks and tables, so it’s no surprise that these surfaces can become unclean quickly. Students often rest their hands on the surfaces of their desks after touching other surfaces in the school, making them prime targets for germs and bacteria to accumulate. To combat this, it’s important to regularly wipe down and sanitise these surfaces, to help keep them looking their best, and to reduce the spread of illnesses.

2. Bathroom Facilities

As could be expected, the bathroom facilities in schools tend to be a hotspot for high-touch areas that require regular deep cleaning. Toilets and shower areas are a breeding ground for numerous types of bacteria, so it’s important that extra attention is paid to cleaning and sanitising high-touch surfaces such as taps, toilet seats, soap dispensers, light switches, and door handles.

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3. Lunch Areas

Tables and chairs in lunch areas are surfaces that are frequently touched by students during meal times, so thorough and regular cleaning is essential to remove contaminants. This is especially important, as areas where students are consuming food need to be kept as germ-free as possible to help avoid the spread of illness. With over 20 years of experience cleaning schools, Cleanworks knows how to effectively clean lunch areas to ensure they are looking their best, and are safe for students to eat in.

4. Door Handles

Door hands and push plates are among the most frequently touched surfaces in schools, and they can easily harbour germs. Being touched by hundreds or even thousands of hands a day can mean that a serious amount of dirt, grime and bacteria can accumulate on these surfaces. Thus, you should establish a regular cleaning schedule for these areas, focusing on using medical-grade disinfectant as frequently as possible. Additionally, it can be helpful to educate students and staff about proper hand hygiene to reduce the transfer of germs.

5. Common Area Handrails

Just like door handles, handrails in common areas such as stairwells can become very unclean, very quickly. These handrails are touched countless times throughout the day by students and staff, making regular cleaning imperative for maintaining a hygienic environment. Ensuring that these rails are sanitary contributes to a safer and more comfortable learning environment for students.

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