DIY vs Professional Commercial End of Lease Cleaning: Pros and Cons

Cleanworks outlines whether you should invest in a professional end of lease cleaner for your business.

At the end of a business’s lease, we often prioritise paperwork and moving out belongings above other duties. It can be a hectic venture, so it’s understandable that things can go amiss. But a very important responsibility at the end of a lease that you must consider is the end of lease clean. There are two approaches to this job: a do-it-yourself approach, or to hire professional help. In this blog, as professional providers of end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, we outline the pros and cons of each approach.

DIY Cleaning: The Pros

The first reason many businesses take the DIY approach to their end of lease clean is that they have concerns about the cost of a cleaning service. Some businesses prefer to save money where they can, and the DIY approach can seem like a great way to cut an extra service cost. 

Another pro for a DIY end of lease clean is control. You can start early and carry out a deep clean over several days. You can also use whatever products and equipment you like, which is often a bonus for those concerned about ethical product use such as eco-friendliness. You’ll also know for sure exactly what’s been cleaned, which can be helpful as you already know exactly what needs extra work and what’s less of a priority.  

DIY Cleaning: The Cons

There are absolutely cons to DIY cleaning, and we have encountered the aftermath of these often when completing our end of lease cleaning service in Brisbane. For one, though DIY cleaning can cut labour costs, an end of lease deep clean will often result in businesses realising they need equipment and cleaning products they don’t already own, or will use up and need to replace. These costs can add up very quickly. What’s more, many of these newly purchased items will not be used very often, and afterwards will just take up valuable space.

Another negative part of the DIY approach is that cleaning involves chemicals and equipment that pose potential risks. There are many missteps and accidents that can happen when handling cleaning chemicals and equipment. For example, steam cleaners can result in severe burns; and sourcing cleaning ‘hacks’ from the internet can result in dangerous misinformation, such as mixing bleach and vinegar which actually creates chlorine gas. As a DIY cleaner you are not an expert and cannot be expected to know everything—but it’s important to understand that cleaning does involve a degree of risk.

Finally, as a DIY cleaner you’ll likely only be able to use products readily available to you. These will often be products available for personal use, usually found at supermarkets and hardware stores. These can work in certain use cases, but when completing end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, we find that many of the equipment and products used by professional cleaning companies are more effective and efficient than personal use products.

Professional Cleaning: The Pros

For many, the choice to go with a professional end of lease clean is as simple as not wanting to deal with the hassle. Deep cleaning is incredibly time consuming, and any time spent scrubbing tables, cleaning grout or vacuuming carpet is time not spent on things that are more important to your business. Many businesses opt to spend their time at the end of a lease organising more important things than the shininess of a staff room sink!  

Furthermore, professional cleaners have years and years of experience and expertise. Any issue you encounter that you may have never dealt with before, a professional cleaner will have dealt with plenty of times. For instance, you might need a product and find yourself having to decide between twenty different options, with no clue of what works best for your case. A professional cleaner has already tested most of them and knows exactly which one works best—and it might not even be one available to you as a DIY-er! They know the best technique to use, and they’re ready to take on the toughest cleaning jobs. 

Professional Cleaning: The Cons

It’s important to know there are negatives to hiring a professional cleaning service for your end-of-lease clean. As stated before, businesses are often deterred by the upfront cost of professional cleaning.  

Another potential con is less control. The clean will be done by someone else, using products, equipment, and techniques yo may be unfamiliar with. You may have fears the cleaning company will miss a spot. Although for some this is enough to make DIY seem like the better option, remember that you can always discuss these concerns with your professional cleaning company. 

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At the end of the day, a professional end of lease clean is always the best option for businesses. Cleanworks offers end of lease cleaning in Brisbane that you can trust, while working within your budget and time constraints. Contact us for a quote today! Call us on 1300 609 419 or send us an enquiry.


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