Cleaning Up After Christmas and New Year

Holidays are incredibly hectic for businesses; doing year-end reports all while preparing for Christmas parties, various holiday office activities, and potlucks can leave your workplace in a mess. And once it is all over and the dust settles, and you think you finally have some time to breathe, you will realize you need to tidy […]


Find A Quality Commercial Cleaning Professional Before Christmas Arrives

You will know the Holiday season is close when you find so many empty offices and cubicles, as most of your employees and workmates are already out on vacation. Now it is easy to assume that you actually need less cleaning from your commercial cleaning service provider. Or probably with Christmas parties and guest visits, […]


Office Cleaning: The New Essential

Recent times have brought a new focus on cleaning and sanitisation. As workers return to offices and leave their home workspaces behind, they will be busier than ever as they readjust to yet another new normal. Spending a whole day behind a desk working hard can leave little time or inspiration for cleaning the office space. This is where we […]


How Often Should You Clean Your Office’s Ceiling & Vents?

For years, building owners have looked for effective ways to minimize heating and cooling costs, which has ultimately led to modern workplaces which are, for all intents and purposes, sealed. While this practice does quite effectively reduce the building’s heating and cooling costs, the absence of natural airflow also often leads to poor indoor air […]


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