Budget-friendly School Cleaning Tips

Cleanworks provides five easy, budget-friendly ways to improve the cleanliness of your school.

Regular, thorough cleaning is a must for schools in order to keep their staff and students happy and healthy – however we understand this can be a costly endeavour. As professional school cleaners in Brisbane, we provide some easy tips to help improve the cleanliness of your school, without breaking the bank.

Implement a Cleaning Schedule

A regular cleaning schedule that is monitored and adhered to is the best way to avoid unnecessary cleaning costs in the future. By staying on top of your schedule and performing regular cleans, you can avoid the cost of deep cleaning or emergency cleaning – which are often much more expensive than consistent regular cleaning. At Cleanworks, we create  robust and effective cleaning schedules for our clients to ensure their school environments stay clean and presentable.

Prioritise High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas gather the most dirt, grime and damage from frequent use, so it’s best to prioritise these areas with your school cleaners in Brisbane. By tackling these areas first, you will significantly improve the hygiene and presentation of your school, without having to invest money into cleaning areas that don’t necessarily need it.

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly inspecting and maintaining the facilities at your school is important for avoiding costly repairs later on. At Cleanworks, our school cleaners in Brisbane can perform any necessary preventative maintenance to ensure that your facilities and equipment are kept to a high standard of cleanliness.

Engage Students and Staff in Clean Practices

One of the most cost-effective ways to maintain cleanliness at your school on a budget is to encourage clean practices from staff and students. This could include ensuring that they clean up after themselves at lunchtime, assigning small cleaning tasks on a daily basis, and teaching proper hand washing techniques. Children and teenagers aren’t typically the most reliable when it comes to hand hygiene and other clean practices, so it’s important to provide them with education around this topic.

Hire Budget-Friendly Professional Cleaning

The best way to ensure your school cleaning stays budget-friendly is to hire professional cleaners in Brisbane. At Cleanworks, we provide high-quality cleans at a cost-effective rate, so that you can ensure your school stays hygienic for your students, while staying within your budget. Contact Cleanworks today to discuss your cleaning budget and how it can be best utilised for your school.

Contact Cleanworks for Regular, Tailored and Affordable School Cleaning in Brisbane​

If you think that your school, and the students that attend it, could benefit from regular professional cleaning, contact Cleanworks today! We have over 20 years of experience in school cleaning in Brisbane.​


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