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Cleanworks isn’t just another cleaning company. From the moment it was founded in 2001 by two university students – former cleaners themselves – Cleanworks has unabashedly sought to shake up the way that commercial cleaning operates. With a strong distaste for the ways of the established old-guard, who seemed content profiting from the exploitation and mistreatment of cleaners, today’s Cleanworks is the fruition of a vow made some 22 years ago.

Appreciating, recognising and investing in our people is a core pillar of our organisation’s way of doing business, and has led to Cleanworks being recognised as an Outstanding Company in the Cleaning Industry. But make no mistake, we’re not a charity. Our prices are highly competitive and our cleaners work hard. We’re simply putting stock into the old adage that a happy worker is a good worker – and we’re pleased to report that it holds up. With minimal turnover and ever-increasing rates of staff satisfaction, the result is excellent job performance and procedural compliance, and thus outstanding results for our clients.

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Why You Should Join Cleanworks

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We Care

We respect and care about our cleaners. One of the first things you’ll notice about our head office is that it’s covered in pictures of our cleaners. We have photos of all of our cleaners on display, a corkboard map signifying the many different birthplaces of our team, and even have portraits of some of our top-performing cleaners as part of our very own ‘hall of fame’.

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We Reward Hard Work

Cleanworks is renowned for its one-of-a-kind cleaner incentive program. We:

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