Aged Care Cleaning is Cleaning with Dignity and Respect

Aged care cleaning is a vital service that ensures the health and well-being of elders in an aged care facility. Due to their weakened immune systems, existing chronic illnesses, and other underlying health conditions, it is no secret that elderly residents are more susceptible to diseases. Subsequently, this also makes the facility more prone to cross-contamination, as germs and bacteria. Therefore, proper sanitation and hygiene practices ensure a clean and safe environment. However, aged care cleaning services are not just about cleaning spaces, disinfecting surfaces, and sanitizing the environment; it is also about treating the elderly with dignity and respect. This is the foundation of Aged Care Quality Standard– to treat the individual’s sense of self; respect their culture, diversity, cultural safety, and personal privacy.

Why Professional Cleaning is Necessary in Aged Care Facilities

It is impossible to stress the importance of commercial cleaning in aged care facilities. Professional cleaning mitigates the transmission of hazardous bacteria and infectious diseases, which is crucial for the fragile patients getting care. However, aged care facilities must adhere to stringent health and safety laws, and commercial cleaning is essential to ensure that these regulations are followed. Commercial cleaning services contribute to the upkeep of the property to a high degree, fostering a safe and healthy environment for senior patients, employees, and guests.

Beyond strict cleaning procedures, processes, and clinical requirements, cleaning in aged care facilities requires a specific type of sensitivity and care. It requires a heart that is sincere in its compassion, respect, and comprehension – the same type of heart that we share with our grandparents and loved ones.

How Commercial Cleaning Ensures Dignity and Respect in Aged Care Facilities

To build dignity and respect into the aged care cleaning process, it is essential to focus on the following areas:

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Hire Cleaners with the Right Attitude

To deliver this kind of care, aged care cleaning service providers must hire staff with the right attitude and training. The new Standard requires companies to to train their professional cleaners to be human. To respect, understand, listen to the unspoken words, lend a smile and lift the spirits of the lonely. To be patient. More importantly, to know that all of this is part of the service and is mandatory for regulatory compliance.

Regular and Continuous Staff Training

The next step is to train your staff on the Aged Care Quality Standard, especially Standard 1, so that they understand the importance of dignity and respect in the cleaning process. Training for aged care cleaning staff should include not just the technical skills necessary for the job but also soft skills that help them interact with the elderly residents in a positive and meaningful way.

Additionally, the training should focus on the importance of respecting the elderly’s dignity, culture, identity, and individuality, and the need to communicate with them in a manner that is respectful and sensitive to their needs, and to respond appropriately.

Understanding the Needs of the Elderly

The elderly have unique needs; to provide them with the best care and support, it is important to understand their unique needs. Thus, staff must be trained on how to communicate with the elderly patients effectively. This includes taking their cultural differences, language barriers, cognitive abilities, and visual and hearing impairments into consideration. Treating patients with respect also means giving them a comfortable environment where they can communicate their needs and preferences.

They should be able to notice when a resident is feeling lonely or sad and take steps to address this.

They should also be able to recognize when a resident is feeling anxious or upset and take steps to calm them down.

Attention to Details

Another incredibly important aspect of commercial cleaning is the meticulous attention to details. This is actually the biggest advantage of commercial aged care cleaning services over in-house cleaners. Professional cleaners pay close attention to the little things, like ensuring that the elderly’s personal belongings are not damaged or misplaced during the cleaning process. Commercial cleaning staff are also trained not to disturb the elderly’s privacy and to ensure that they are comfortable and feel safe during the cleaning process.

Emotional Support

Aged care cleaning is not just about cleaning; it is also about providing the much-needed emotional support. It is common for elderly patients to feel lonely, anxious, or depressed. Thus, it is important that cleaners are trained to provide appropriate emotional support to help them feel better. Staff should take the time to engage in conversation with the elderly, show empathy and understanding, and offer words of encouragement.

Monitoring and Feedback

Monitoring and feedback are essential to ensure that the cleaning process is meeting the needs of the elderly. Good commercial cleaning services provide cleaning managers with the contact person for any issues, suggestions, and feedback. These managers also conduct regular monitoring of the cleaning process and ask elderly patients and their families to identify areas that need improvement and ensure that the cleaning process meets the Aged Care Quality Standard.

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