Window Cleaning

SEQ’s best Window Cleaning Service

Shiny, sparkling windows. So clean they appear invisible. That’s the standard we aim to deliver every time.

Our window cleaning service is one of the best in the country, not because we can offer a streak-free shine – anyone can do that – but because we do it using the most environmentally responsible approach that also saves you money.

Window Cleaning with a difference

When we take on window cleaning, we use eco-friendly cleaning products for the health of your customers, employees and the environment.

It is an unfortunate fact that many conventional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals. Ingredients like ammonia and ethanol are harmful to every human body system, poisonous to wildlife and unnecessary for getting a streak-free shine.

Run-off containing phosphorus, present in many commercial window cleaners, is contributing to the proliferation of algae in ocean waters. This algae blocks the sunlight critical for the health of coral reefs.

Our GECA-certified alternatives are just as effective, and we do not charge a premium for responsible business practices. Green comes standard with all Cleanworks contracts.

We do a lot more than just clean windows

We can perform many related services as well, such as these:

Our cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry and they are all fully trained and licensed. Although we are only into our second decade of operations, we have become an employer of choice. That means we now boast one of the most experienced cleaning teams in South East Queensland.

We’re flexible in our hours of operation. We can deliver you a tailored plan that sees a customised mix of cleaning to suit your operations.

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