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Vinyl floors lose their shine with use and depending on the amount of traffic they bear, they can need resealing as often as twice per year.

If yours is losing shine and you can’t get it back through regular cleaning, it’s time for a vinyl strip, seal and shine. Here’s how we do it:

Part One – The Quick Strip

The first stage of the process is a mechanical strip of the remaining sealant. The old layer of sealant must be stripped back before the new coat is added or it will quickly fail.

To strip the sealant off the vinyl we use an Orbital Scrubber. Its cleaning head spins at around 400RPM, meaning that your floor gets a deep down clean at the same time as the old layers of sealant are stripped away.

You can hire these machines yourself if you want to have a go at it, but we don’t recommend it. Unless it’s controlled by an expert, you will probably end up doing more damage than good work.

If your tiles are particularly worn, with built-up dirt and grime under the sealant in places, you’ll need a chemical strip of the floor.

Part Two – The Chemical Strip

Seriously, don’t try this by yourself. The potential for damage to the floor and to yourself is high. Engage an expert to do this part.

The right kind of chemical stripper needs to be applied or you will find yourself peeling off entire floor sections rather than just the top layer of sealant on the vinyl.

We use a heavy duty cleaning solution to cut back on the old layer of sealant. Then we carefully remove it with a wet floor appliance, taking care not to spread it to surrounding floor areas.

After a quick dry using special fans, your vinyl floor is ready for a new layer of sealant.

Part Three – The Sealed Section

We apply the sealant with special equipment, so that it doesn’t dry streaky or lumpy or with bubbles trapped.

Depending on where in your premises the tiles are located, we’ll give them between two and four coats of sealant.

We only use non-toxic sealants with low fumes produced during the curing process.

The floor will be safe for light foot traffic after a couple of hours, but will continue curing and hardening for up to 48 hours, depending on humidity. After that, your vinyl floor will be protected and look fantastic again.

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