Tile and Grout

We Brighten Your Tiles and Grout Easily, Professionally

We make old floors look new again with our professional grout cleaning services. We have the right staff, the right training and the right equipment to restore a deep shine and clean grout lines to your tiled floors.

We use steam cleaning equipment because steam is achieves two primary goals. It kills mold, won’t wear away grout and it restores the look of flooring like no other cleaning agent.

We can give your business an intense, deep clean that a mop and bucket just cannot match.

Why does Your Grout look so Dirty?

Grout is a porous filling agent. It’s hard-wearing, but it absorbs water and allows it to seep in. If dirt and grime are present in the water, they’ll seep in too.

This dirty film provides the perfect conditions for mold to flourish. Depending on the amount of foot traffic your tiled floor receives, the build-up can be quite quick.

When we clean your tiles and grout we can apply a sealant over the top that prevents the build-up of dirt and grime and makes subsequent cleans easier.

Our grout and tile cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry and they are all fully trained and licensed. Although we are only into our second decade of operations, we have become an employer of choice for our staff. That means we now boast one of the most experienced tile and grout cleaning teams in South East Queensland.

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