Green Cleaning Services

What is Green Cleaning?​

Earth-friendly cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

Different companies have different methods and techniques for green cleaning. But essentially, it means using cleaning techniques and products that are both safe for the environment and effective in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising. This means the cleaning products and substances used for such service are:

We know how difficult (even expensive) it can be to start going green. Here at Cleanworks, we make it possible – and for an affordable price.

Going green is the goal of many businesses and organisations today. The call for switching to environmentally-friendly and sustainable choices is louder than ever before. As a result, more and more commercial buildings are investing in alternative energy sources, incorporating natural light, taking a smart approach to lighting and energy use, reducing water consumption, bringing fresh air inside, improving ventilation, and more importantly, avoiding chemicals and materials that cause harmful and toxic emissions. 

Unfortunately, traditional cleaning products and methods don’t adhere to this call. Cleanworks is moving the needle on this with our Green Cleaning Services.

green cleaning

Eco-friendly Cleaning Service

In response to the ever-increasing number of environmentally conscious workplaces and organisations who are beginning to question how the cleaning of their facilities affects the environment, Cleanworks is pleased to offer an industry-leading Green Cleaning service.
Combining the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products with waste reduction strategies, our Green Cleaning service is perfect for organisations seeking to limit their eco-impact without compromising on hygiene or presentation standards.

Certified, non-toxic cleaning agents

We use specially formulated Smart Green Chemicals which are safe for both humans and the environment, yet still fully capable of destroying harmful, disease-carrying bacteria and other microorganisms. All of these non-toxic cleaning compounds carry independent certification from Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) – a not-for-profit organisation which is committed to helping consumers make smart choices for themselves and the environment. The GECA ecolabel is highly respected and recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Easy on the environment, but not on bacteria

While we do not use the DIY green cleaners you’ve likely read about such as lemon juice and bicarb soda, the green cleaners we use are every bit as eco-friendly, while allowing us to closely monitor the dose of bio-enzymes being used to maintain a safe, consistent standard of hygiene and sanitation.

Bio-enzymes are compounds which break down proteins, an integral structure in bacteria. The enzymes react with the bacterial proteins and wipe them out. As proteins are also a common cause of stains and odours, enzymes make an efficient cleaning solution. We use bio-enzymes in many of our services, including hygiene cleaning.

Not just what, but how

Unlike many other cleaning companies, Cleanworks doesn’t simply treat green cleaning compounds as a direct swap for traditional cleaning agents. Each cleaning solution requires a specific cleaning method to ensure that the maximum effect is achieved using the minimal amount of cleaner. We strategically plan how we will clean each site before beginning, and ensure that all requirements from the client and authorities are met. Every activity and service we offer complies with local and national regulations.

Waste reduction​

Cleanworks works with clients to help identify opportunities and implement strategies to help reduce the cleaning and non-cleaning waste generation which occurs at their site. We also work closely with local councils to maximise recycling opportunities in the most cost-effective way possible. And of course, we can help by sourcing recycled office supplies and hygiene products.

Make a positive change

Whether you are outsourcing your workplace’s cleaning for the first time, searching for a more reliable alternative to your current cleaning provider or shopping around to make sure you are getting value for money, you should speak with Cleanworks.

Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across BrisbaneNewcastleGold CoastToowoombaSydney & Melbourne.


Safety is the most significant differentiating factor between the two. For the former, green cleaning uses safe (for humans) and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods. The latter on the other hand uses strong yet harmful chemicals that often lead to health problems like skin irritation, respiratory problems, or even cancer (for people often exposed to toxic chemicals).

Every business in any industry has some kind of impact on the environment. A commercial cleaning service provider is no different. For decades, cleaning companies have been using synthetic chemicals, excessive water, paper, or plastics in cleaning. All these things go back into the environment, and can even pollute the water streams.

Cleanworks’ Green Cleaning Services aims to change that. Our methods and the products we use are not only safe and friendly for the environment, but also for the health of the general public.

To differentiate the specifics of the ingredients and effects of their cleaning products, brands use different logos, such as:

  • Cruelty free – the products are not tested on animals
  • Eco-friendly – reduced impact on the environment
  • Green – safe for your health and the planet
  • Natural – made with natural or naturally-derived ingredients
  • Non-toxic – safe and will cause no adverse health effects

Some third-party entities also certify products to ensure their authenticity in their claims. Some of the official labels you should know about include:

  • Certified organic – ingredients don’t use synthetic fertilisers or GMOs
  • Certified bio-based – shows how much bio-based ingredients are used in the product
  • ECOLOGO – a third-party certification that proves the product’s reduced environmental impact
  • Green Seal – proves the product has met certain standards of sustainability

First and foremost, green cleaning products and methods can be more expensive than traditional chemical products in the market. However, more and more brands have come up with affordable options throughout the years. This is why Cleanworks is able to provide green cleaning services at an affordable price.

Secondly, green cleaning solutions are traditionally not as strong or as effective in killing bacteria and viruses as chemical-based cleaning agents. At Cleanworks however, we have the best cleaning products that clean, disinfect, and sanitise any surfaces.

You can start by getting familiar with the green cleaning methods and products available in the market and identify what cleaning your workspace needs.  You can also partner with professional commercial cleaning companies that offer green cleaning services.

Here at Cleanworks, we will make it easy, quick, and hassle-free. Our expert cleaners are extensively trained, highly experienced, and fully equipped to deliver spotless cleaning that is free from hazardous chemicals.

What Our Clients Say

The people I deal with at Cleanworks have an incredibly positive attitude. Nothing is too hard. Nothing is ever more than one phone call or email or text message from being fixed.

Genesis Christian College

Their planning was extensive and what they promised, we got. Their staff are friendly and good at what they do and their supervisors are efficient and obviously know their industry well. They do a great job.

Toowoomba Grammar School

Any issues have always been taken seriously and actioned quickly. Trust has been exceptional.


The follow-up of service is second to none. Any time I have had an issue or a query the matter has been attended to very promptly and the follow-up has been outstanding.

Bournedrill Pty Ltd

The selection of staff Cleanworks has chosen is amazing! Everyone is professional, approachable, friendly and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Brisbane Materials Technology

The cleaning services to date have exceeded our expectations. An outstanding performance by everyone involved.

Geofabrics Australasia

We are very happy with the cleaning that was performed. Not only were our concerns addressed and rectified, the staff were extremely helpful and friendly.

Bartercard Brisbane East

The support staff have been great. We were also very impressed with the ‘overhaul’ and thorough clean when Cleanworks began.


Incidences are resolved swiftly without issue. Very impressed with the diligence shown by staff and supervisors from Cleanworks.

EM Solutions

The pre-start engagement was fantastic, from the estimate to the communication around the process. Thoroughly professional.

SmartCap Technologies

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