Preventative Maintenance

Save money + effort with Preventative Maintenance

Without proper maintenance the floors, walls, bathrooms and just about every other surface and fixture in your facility will age prematurely leading to expensive and unnecessary repair and replacement costs. The unfortunate reality of proper maintenance (which is almost never incorporated into your week-to-week cleaning routines) is that it is mainly conducted reactively after a problem has occurred, by which time it’s either too late or exceedingly expensive to fix properly.

The Cleanworks Asset Maintenance Plan (C.A.M.P.) has been developed to help with this exact problem. We work with organisations to assess their unique needs and develop tailored maintenance programs which take into account the value of their assets, rate of ongoing wear and tear, OH&S risks and responsibilities, and the professional presentation of the business. Drawing on Cleanworks’ 15 years of industry experience, our seasoned maintenance cleaning experts are then able to develop an optimised ‘Set & Forget’ schedule which allows you to pre-program the cost-effective maintenance of your assets.

Your organisation’s C.A.M.P. can incorporate any configuration of cleaning tasks and asset including: Using our hassle-free 3-step process, Cleanworks can create a plan which will help your organisation:

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