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Fast yet Comprehensive Medical Centre Cleaning

Medical Centre Cleaning is a specialty at Cleanworks. It has to be – it takes a lot more to safely clean your premises than a regular office.

We’ve got special training for our team members.

We have special equipment to avoid cross-contamination.

We use a selection of chemicals that suit medical centres.

But even though it takes a special level of effort – we deliver it at a regular price.

Let us tell you some more…

Medical Centre Cleaning experts

Patient confidentiality is critical. We enforce a mandatory police-check on the team members who will service your premises to ensure a strict level of confidentiality.

The right protective equipment is vital. Our team is aware of and complies with all relevant WHS standards and wears the appropriate personal and protective equipment in cleaning surgical areas and toilets.

But ultimately, it’s a workplace. Your medical centre needs to smell fresh, not sterile. Our cleaning chemicals kill bacteria and viruses but they don’t leave your premises smelling like a chemical factory.

We also come at the right price. Our size means we’ve achieved an economy of scale that’s hard to beat. Even though you’ve got a premises requiring a special level of care, we can clean it for a cost that will probably surprise you.

But our best feature has to be this. Every month, one of our auditing staff will inspect the quality of the cleaning job being performed by your cleaning team. It’s how we guard against unintended complacency on the job and it means that every month our standards rise a little bit rather than hovering at the same level.

Here are the services we can offer your Medical Centre:

Our cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry. Although we are only into our second decade of operations, we have become an employer of choice for our staff. That means we now boast one of the most experienced cleaning teams in South East Queensland.

We’re flexible in our hours of operation. We can deliver you a tailored plan that sees a customised mix of cleaning to suit your operation.

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