Why Go Green

Commercial Cleaning Services: Why Go Green?

Few cleaning companies offer a combined hygiene service, and those that do rarely take an eco-friendly approach.

Cleanworks is a different kind of cleaning service. We recognise the importance of cleaning and hygiene, but we are also dedicated to keeping Brisbane a healthy place to live.

5 ways Cleanworks stays the industry leader in eco-friendly cleaning.

1. Green is Standard
Many companies do not offer green cleaning services at all. Those that do often treat it as an “upgrade” and use it as an excuse to inflate the bill. Why should you pay more for a service that’s healthier for everyone?

Green is standard operating procedure with Cleanworks. Going green is healthier for us, our clients and the environment. To us, eco-friendly is the only sensible approach to industrial cleaning.

2. We only use GECA-Certified Cleaning Compounds
When you hire an environmentally-conscious cleaning company, you need to be certain their practices are really as green as they seem. Not all supposedly “green” chemicals are truly safe for the environment.

Cleanworks uses only those cleaners that have been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). Recognized by the Green Building Council of Australia, GECA is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping consumers make smart choices. GECA looks into green claims and documents their veracity.

Cleanworks is proud to use products whose green claims have been verified.

3. A Low-Waste Approach
Anyone can pick up a bottle of eco-friendly cleaner and call their company “green.”

Cleanworks takes it one step further. We strive to use the smallest amount of energy and products possible.

By conserving resources, we’re doing our part to reduce the impact of chemical manufacturing. By conserving energy, we reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. We are constantly seeking new ways to eliminate excess consumption.

4. Effective Use of Bio-Enzymes
Going green should not compromise safety. Our green products are just as effective as traditional alternatives. Using bio-enzymes for hygiene and sanitation is one of the most effective ways to do accomplish this.

Bio-enzymes are compounds that break down proteins, an integral structure in bacteria. The enzymes react with the bacterial proteins and wipe them out. As proteins also are a common cause of stains and odours, enzymes make an efficient cleaning solution. We use bio-enzymes in many of our services, including hygiene cleaning.

5. Promoting Green Alternatives
Protecting the environment is an important part of our company’s mission. We’re excited about our client’s commitment to going green and want to help them along their path. Many of our clients are pleased to learn that eco-friendly choices can also save them money.

We encourage our clients to start waste-minimising efforts in every aspect of their business. We can happily provide information on printer cartridge and paper recycling. There are also many office supplies and hygiene products, like paper towels, that can be replaced with post-consumer recycled alternatives.

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