What Is Green Cleaning

What Is Green Cleaning?

The terms “green cleaning” and “environmentally-friendly” are becoming more common in today’s business culture.

Whether you want to get ahead of the competition by “going green” or simply want to do what’s best for the planet and your employees, you might be considering a switch to eco-friendly cleaning.

Let us explain the difference between standard cleaning and going green.

What are the differences between Green Cleaning and Standard Cleaning?

1. Less Waste
An eco-friendly approach to commercial hygiene cleaning covers a lot of ground. The first concern is to minimize waste. This includes methods like using more powerful cleaners that do a better job with less solution.

Concentrated solutions reduce carbon emissions produced by manufacturing and shipping. This saves you money as well as saving the planet. Cleanworks’ powerful compounds can even tackle tough jobs such as grease and oil stains in concrete.

2. More Efficient Methods
Some cleaning methods are less wasteful than others as well. Cleanworks uses efficient options like steam cleaning to get the job done. Steam cleaning can get many types of surfaces, including hard wood and carpet, cleaner, faster.

Steam requires less energy and uses fewer supplies. Prioritizing essentials, such as commercial hygiene cleaning services and allowing less-necessary tasks to be done infrequently also saves both money and energy.

3. Fewer Additives
Many commercial cleaners, especially disinfectants, contain a daunting list of additives. These additives are designed to increase the shelf-life of their products, add fragrance or produce unnecessary lathering.

Unfortunately, emerging research is showing that many of these chemicals are carcinogenic.

A simple switch to all-natural or eco-friendly stabilizers makes a big difference in what your employees and the environment are exposed to.

4. Solutions That Biodegrade Cleanly
Many people see the term “biodegradable” and automatically think what they are looking at is a green product. Despite what some companies want you to believe, that isn’t true. For many years, it has been standard to use lab-created, artificial surfactants in cleaning products. While they do break down, many of these surfactants have been found to degrade into dangerous toxins.

These toxins have already been found in alarming quantities in lakes, rivers and ponds. Truly green solutions biodegrade into harmless compounds.

5. Use of Powerful Enzymes
Natural enzymes are powerful tools when it comes to hygiene cleaning services to reduce the spread of odour and bacteria.

Choose smart; choose Cleanworks.

When you choose Cleanworks, you get not only all of these green benefits but also a plan customized for your company. We do a superior job for less money and with less harm to the environment. We even offer after-hours cleaning to make sure our services do not interrupt the flow of your business.

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