Safe Cleaning

Safe Cleaning With Professional Hygiene Cleaning

The health and safety of employees, clients and customers is the top priority in any industry.

You may already protect your employees by getting routine hygiene and sanitation services done, but is your cleaning routine as safe as it seems?

Leave It to the Professionals

Some businesses try to save money by having their employees perform basic cleaning tasks. While this seems frugal, it’s actually a health hazard.

Your employees are neither qualified to handle cleaning chemicals nor trained to prevent the spread of bacteria. They are also not trained to spot the problem areas that need extra attention. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it’s hygienic.

Safe Cleaning

By hiring professionals, you end up with a cleaner, safer facility. Cleanworks employees must undergo vigorous training and a strict examination to prove their aptitude. Our hygiene cleaning services and other packages are second to none in sanitation and quality.

Prevent the Spread of Bacteria

How often are your hygiene bins cleaned? These are the bins designed for women to dispose their feminine hygiene products in. It might be tempting to only empty these bins when they are full, but having them emptied daily is a crucial aspect of keeping a healthy, germ-free facility.

By using bio-enzyme cleaning products and collection bins, Cleanworks commercial hygiene services prevent the spread of bacteria from hygiene bins. Bio-enzymes break down dangerous, odor-causing bacteria rapidly, leaving your restrooms cleaner. Cleanworks also specializes in sanitizing kitchen prep areas, retirement communities and medical facilities where bacteria is an even larger hazard.

Greener is Safer

Eco-friendly cleaning goes beyond protecting the planet. Traditional cleaning products are can be harsh and contain cancer-causing compounds that are dangerous if exposed regularly. These hazardous chemicals also get into your skin and airways and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Green cleaning uses less-caustic chemicals that are good for the environment and your employees. With no irritants or carcinogenic ingredients, green products are a superior option that often do a better job than the alternatives. At Cleanworks, all of our commercial hygiene cleaning services use Good Environmental Choice Australia-certified cleaning compounds.

Trust Your Contractor

Safety goes beyond cleaning and hygiene. You need to be able to trust your contractor and cleaning staff. Safe hiring practices are especially important in the child care and medical industries. Do you really know who is cleaning your kindergarten classrooms and medical offices?

Every Cleanworks employee undergoes a rigorous screening process, including an in-depth police background check. We only hire the most reliable, loyal employees. For an added layer of safety and quality assurance, each job site is overseen by an Operations Manager. The manager will ensure all quality and safety standards are strictly adhered to.

Put Your Employees First

A company is only as healthy as its employees. Safe cleaning practices, greener cleaning chemicals and discreet staff are a must for any industry or business, big or small. Get the power of well more than a decade of industry experience and impeccable service standards by calling Cleanworks today.

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