Hygiene Cleaning

Hygiene Cleaning Services for Your Health & Safety

Hygiene service is an essential consideration for every facility in Brisbane, whether you operate a commercial location, an industrial facility, a kindergarten, restaurant, university or other type of facility.

Cleanworks provides industry leading hygiene services to fit every possible need and every size organisation or establishment.

Our Commercial Hygiene Services

We are proud to offer our commercial clients full hygiene and sanitation services to fit their unique needs.

Whether your facility is a single office or a large office park, Cleanworks can provide hygiene services to fit your requirements, including our unique feminine hygiene sanitary bin designed expressly to eliminate germs and odours.

Our proprietary system utilises a powerful bio-enzyme product within the bin to destroy odour causing bacteria and maintain a sanitary, clean environment.

Our hygiene cleaning services are ideal for restrooms in any location, including high-traffic environments, schools, retirement villages, corporate headquarters and everything in between. In addition, we’re proud to offer our clients customised, discreet service to take care of these needs.

Customisation with Our Hygiene Service

Cleanworks understands that every client has different needs when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. We provide full customisation in our hygiene cleaning services, ensuring that your facility enjoys the schedule and discretion necessary to minimise disruption to your daily routine and business.

Our employees will visit your facility and inspect every area. Based on that inspection, we can create a specific timetable for maintenance and cleaning, including hygiene bin service.


Maintaining a safe and hygienic environment within your facility requires that you always have a good stock of vital supplies on hand. We offer resupply services to ensure that paper towels, toilet paper, cleansers, cleaner dispensers and other supplies never run short.

In addition, all the supplies and cleaners we offer are 100% environmentally friendly and certified by the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), which meet all criteria needed for use on Green Star Projects.

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