Green Cleaners

Are Your Cleaning Company Truly Green Cleaners?
5 Questions to Ask

Whether you are already subscribed to a eco-friendly cleaning service or are looking to hire one, it pays to do your research. These five questions will help you determine whether a company is truly devoted to eco-friendly cleaning and help you evaluate the quality of their services.

“In what ways are your services green?”

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is an excellent step, but it is only a single approach to reducing the environmental impact of cleaning. Cleanworks is constantly seeking new ways to reduce the amount of chemicals used and energy expended in our services. We also evaluate the potential effect we will have on the grounds surrounding your buildings and do our best to reduce our impact on the area.

“How do you know your cleaning products are eco-friendly?”

The claims “eco-friendly,” “natural” and related terms are not currently overseen by any government agency. Just because a product claims to be green does not mean it is. A responsible company will have investigated these claims.

To this end, all of Cleanworks’ cleaning and hygiene products are Good Environmental Choice Australia-certified. GECA is a not-for-profit organization that investigates and confirms eco-friendly claims.

“Do you offer a hygiene service?”

Commercial hygiene services empty the bins women use to dispose of feminine hygiene products. Even though ignoring this task can spread bacteria, many cleaning companies neglect hygiene cleaning as part of any custom cleaning package. If hygiene services are all you need, we can do that as well. We install special collection bins and use bio-enzyme cleaners to reduce the spread of dangerous bacteria as well as control odours.

“Do you offer custom cleaning plans?”

A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective across multiple industries. Not only does this method waste money and resources, it can overlook the special needs of your business.

At the beginning of every job, Cleanworks takes an assessment of every building you want us to clean. We identify problem areas, from the grounds all the way to HVAC, and give you a plan custom-tailored to each and every location. You get a better, greener service for less money.

“Will your service interrupt my business?”

Many cleaning companies will try to insist you have to deal with cleaning when they can fit you in. This often means during business hours, and that’s unacceptable.

Regular cleanings are important for any business, but it shouldn’t interrupt your day-to-day operations. Cleanworks is proud to after-hours cleaning services and other options that will better suit your schedule.

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