Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Why Choose Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Services?

As the popularity of environmentally-friendly services rises, more and more business owners are being faced with a choice. When hiring commercial cleaning services, should you choose a traditional company or an eco-friendly service?

The answer is definitely yes. There are some very good reasons why.

Are Traditional Chemicals That Dangerous?

For many years, governments worldwide took a permissive “allow it first, check for safety later” approach to industrial chemicals. Cleaning compounds were no exception. Long-term studies were rarely done to see the effect these compounds could have on humans and the environment alike.

Unfortunately, the effects have been devastating. Toxic, harsh chemicals used for cleaning have leeched into groundwater and even into the open ocean. These substances can cause harmful mutations in and even kill local wildlife populations. It only takes harming the population of one, small creature low on the food chain to set off a chain reaction of ecological collapse.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning

Many commercial cleaning chemicals also contain carcinogenic compounds. There are reports of workers in the cleaning industry developing cancers and neurological disorders as a result of their exposure. Green cleaning protects not only the environment but also your employees and cleaning contractor from these substances.

But What Will It Cost Me?

Green cleaning is surprisingly affordable. As the public begins to demand more green services, the cost of eco-friendly products goes down. To make sure you are maximizing your savings, it is important to choose a company that understands your budget and your needs.

When making your decision, be sure to avoid apparently green companies that cut corners to lower the bottom line. While standard chemicals hurt the environment and are to be avoided, if your cleaner cuts an important service like commercial hygiene services, the saving will only put your employees at risk. Odour and disease-causing bacteria do not take a rest just because money is tight. A reputable company has smarter solutions to help you save money.

Why Choose Cleanworks As Your Hygiene Service?

Cleanworks has years of experience in hygienically cleaning restaurants, universities, medical facilities and even industrial complexes. Understanding the specific needs of your industry allows us to tailor our services to you. We never cut corners and are dedicated to giving you top-quality services.

Our green cleaning services can be adapted to suit any business. We first assess your facility to find what your problem areas are. Then, we recommend the cleaning plan that is just right for your company.

On a budget? We know which services must be done daily to maintain a safe facility and which can be done less often. We can also take care of single services, such as emptying hygiene bins, or focus on sanitising kitchens or other important areas.

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The environmental impact of commercial cleaning chemicals should not be overlooked. You can do your part to protect the planet by choosing eco-friendly cleaning services.

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