Common Scenarios That Call for Emergency Cleaning Services

Cleanworks outlines some common scenarios we come across frequently that require in-depth, emergency cleans.

Emergency situations inevitably occur in all businesses from time to time – and this can certainly extend to the cleanliness of the space. Many of these situations require action as soon as possible, which is why you may need to acquire a professional emergency clean. In this blog, we outline common scenarios where emergency cleaning services in Brisbane may be required, and how cleaning companies such as Cleanworks expertly resolve them.

Biohazard Spills

Many businesses, particularly in the industrial and medical industries, handle biohazardous materials on an everyday basis. Because of this, spills can occur, posing a health and safety risk for individuals on site. That’s why, in the event of a spill, specialised professional cleaning should be sought out to properly handle and dispose of this hazard. This ensures that the business can get back to normal operations as soon as possible, while keeping everyone involved safe.

Water Damage

Burst pipes, flooding or leaks are issues that could possibly occur in workplaces, and they all require expert cleaning after the initial structural damage is fixed. Water that is not properly removed and cleaned can lead to mould growth and structural damage to the workplace, so it’s important to act quickly. Professional cleaning services in Brisbane, such as Cleanworks, are skilled at cleaning water-damaged areas to ensure no further damage occurs.

Contagious Illness Outbreaks

In the workplace, illnesses can be spread incredibly easily through touching contaminated objects or surfaces. So, if sickness is running rampant in your workplace, it might be time to consider an emergency clean. This can be resolved by a professional cleaning team, who can sanitise the entire workplace thoroughly. At Cleanworks, we specialise in extensive cleaning to eliminate infectious diseases rapidly and effectively in emergency situations.


There’s nothing worse as a business owner than arriving at your business and discovering that the exterior has been vandalised. Other than the unsightly nature of most vandalism, such as graffiti, it may also involve debris, broken glass or other hazards. In these situations, it’s best to trust a professional with safely controlling or removing any hazards that are left in the aftermath. Pressure cleaning can also be effective in removing graffiti.

Contact Cleanworks for An Emergency Clean​

If your business experiences a situation that requires an emergency clean, don’t panic! Contact the emergency cleaning experts at Cleanworks. No matter the issue, our cleaning services in Brisbane can resolve it in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us today if your business requires an emergency clean. ​


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