Commercial Cleaning

There are lots of Commercial Cleaners, but only one Cleanworks

It’s a tough challenge – differentiating ourselves amidst so many other commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Yet we are different from and better than the rest.

How many other companies employ staff whose sole job it is to audit the work undertaken by your cleaner as frequently as every month? None that we know of. That’s why every month, our standards rise higher and higher. That’s just point number one in the list of things that make us different.

For now, let’s talk about you…

We know what you’re looking for

You’re buying a clean desk, a floor without dust or marks on it, a kitchen that smells fresh and toilets that sparkle so that you and your staff feel good about your surroundings. You’re buying the end result, not a friendly relationship – that’s just a bonus when you work with us.

You want the cleaning kept to a high standard and to occur as regular as clockwork, without interruption, week after week.

You want a cleaner that acknowledges your feedback and adjusts service on the fly, with good communication skills.

You want your cleaner to use environmentally friendly chemicals wherever possible and you definitely don’t want your office to smell “bleachy” or “overly chemical” when you return to it in the mornings.

You want a cleaner that can perform regular weekly cleaning AND those special periodic cleaning tasks like carpet steam cleaning, exterior window cleaning or carpark maintenance.

In short, you want a commercial cleaner like us.

We can perform all kinds of commercial cleaning

In addition to regular standard cleaning, we can deliver all these kinds services:

Floor Strip and Seal: Strip back vinyl floors and reseal them to return them a near new condition.
Carpet Cleaning: Professional steam or dry cleaning of your carpets.
Window Cleaning: Internal and external glass or skylights. We can also work at height to clean high windows.
Car Park: Car park maintenance and industrial scrubbing.
Warehouse sweep and scrub: We’ll lift the dust that pervades your warehouse then wash the floor to really clear the air.
Tile and Grout Cleaning: Patented technology, used by our specialist staff, will return grout and tiles to look like new.
Exterior Pressure washing: To remove graffiti and the effects of weathering.
Kitchen and Bathroom Steam Cleaning: Drive out bacteria from tight spots and eliminate stale, musty smells, especially in industrial premises.
Pest Eradication: From bugs to vermin – we’ll make the problem go away.
Rubbish Removal: We can arrange skips and labourers to move large amounts of rubbish.
Kitchen and Toilet Consumables: From hand wash to paper towel and everything in-between, we can be your one-stop shop for cleaning consumables.

We’re also flexible in our hours of operation. We can deliver you a tailored plan that sees a customised mix of cleaning to suit your operations.

Special Bonus for new clients spending more than $15,000 per year

Most commercial cleaning clients spend more than $15,000 per year, so we have developed a special bonus that turns your cleaning contract from a mandatory yet important expense into something more rewarding.

For new clients, if you trial us and decide to commit to our service for two years, we will deliver you a party pack consisting of a carton of Corona, Chips, Dips, Softdrinks and Chocolates, every month for 24 months. There’s no extra charge – compare us and see, you’ll find we’re very competitive on price even after delivering such a bonus.

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