Carpet Cleaning

Here’s something you didn’t know about your carpets

The average office carpet can hold as much as 2 kilograms of microfine dirt. And every time you, other staff and visitors walk on it, those microfine particles are launched into the air, ready for you to inhale them. Ugh!

If it’s been more than 6 months since your carpets were last cleaned, there are literally millions of tiny particles floating around in the air in front of you and you’re breathing them in, right now.

Luckily, you’re currently on the right website, because we’re the best commercial carpet cleaning service in South East Queensland.

Here’s why…

Our Three-stage cleaning of your carpets eliminates dirt and kills microbes

We start your carpet clean with an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner with a rotating powerhead on it, to agitate the carpet and release as much of the dust as possible.

This removes a lot of the problem, but those microfine particles are so small that they sink down into the pile further than regular agitation and suction can reach. So it’s time for the big guns.

Our steam carpet cleaning machines are the perfect device. They issue steam at temperatures that kill dust mites and bacteria and loosen dirt deep down in the pile, before removing the condensed steam, dirt and nasties almost instantaneously. The result is a sparkling clean carpet free from disgusting airborne evils.

Next we ensure that the carpet is dried as quickly as possible, before mould and bacteria can multiply and leave a stain or smell. We use industrial-strength fans and drying equipment to cap off a successful treatment.

Need to go Green? We’ve got you covered

Alongside steam cleaning we can offer carpet dry cleaning. Also known as Very Low Moisture carpet cleaning, this process uses green certified chemicals to loosen and trap dirt before removal. If you need to utilise an eco-friendly service, this is a very effective treatment that will meet your green goals.

From the smallest office to the biggest convention hall, you will be amazed with what an incredible job our team can do.

Our staff are some of the most experienced in the industry and they are all fully trained and licensed.

We’re also flexible in our hours of operation. We can work around your schedule to make sure your business is not interrupted by either the cleaning process or damp carpets.

We do more than carpet cleaning and there’s a special bonus for companies spending over $15,000 on cleaning each year

Many businesses spend more than $15,000 per year on cleaning, so we have developed a special bonus that turns your cleaning contract from a mandatory yet important expense into something more rewarding.

If you trial us and decide to commit to our service for two years, we will deliver you a party pack consisting of a carton of Corona, Chips, Dips, Softdrinks and Chocolates, every month for 24 months. There’s no extra charge – compare us and see, you’ll find we’re very competitive on price even after delivering such a bonus.

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