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Car Dealership Cleaning that won’t fail to impress

Car dealership cleaning is a unique beast which requires a hybrid of careful attention to detail to maintain the appearance of pristine showrooms and display areas, combined with the good old fashioned elbow grease and tailored cleaning products needed to take care of service areas.

With many years of experience managing the cleaning needs of car yards and high-end automotive showrooms as well as a range of peripheral auto services including service centres, windscreen and window tinting businesses, tyre centres and battery outlets – Cleanworks understands the critical time and performance requirements and the type of effectively-skilled cleaners needed to pull of this balancing act.


Our carefully-selected cleaning professionals can safeguard the appearance and hygiene of your business’:


Alongside regular weekly cleaning services, we can also incorporate periodic impact cleaning tasks such as:

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Cleanworks has the skills, specialised equipment and people to ensure your auto business is always looking its best, and prides ourselves on supplying our automotive clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their cleaning needs – we can even offer a vehicle detailing service if you need!

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