Get an Awesome Party Pack for Your Office Every Month for 2 Years When You Switch to Cleanworks & Spend more than $15,000 per year!

Be the Best Boss in Town and get something for nothing. You’re already spending that much – now get something back!

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Your Premises will be Cleaned to Perfection

We didn’t become the best commercial cleaning company in Southeast Queensland by giving away cartons of beer! You will get a level of service and cleanliness that is second to none.

Specialty Cleans are Easy

We don’t just clean desks and toilets – we can steam clean carpets, strip back and polish vinyl floors and take care of external cleaning too. In fact, if it needs a clean anywhere on your premises, we can clean it.

Our Cleaners are Police checked for Your Safety

You don’t want an ex-criminal poking around your office at night and neither do we. Our staff are all police-checked and cleared so you know that there’s little risk of theft or damage. On top of that, we interview previous referees to ensure we’ve chosen the right kind of person.

We Clean Hundreds of Businesses across SEQ Every Day

That means our processes are refined, our focus on customer service is high and we’re already in your neighbourhood every night and morning.

24-hour Communication Channel

Got an emergency cleaning situation? You can get on the phone to your account manager and he or she will organise a solution any time of the day or night.

Your Cleaner will be Local and Arrive On-Time, Every Time

Reliability is the key with cleaning – your staff don’t notice it when it’s done well but when your cleaner fails it’s very noticeable. We have more than 200 cleaners from Northlakes to Yatala and West to Ipswich and a skilled management team to ensure that you never experience a failure.

let’s not forget about the Number One Attraction…

Switch to us and meet the minimum spend of $15,000 per year and you’ll get a party pack for your office, every month, for 24 months straight. Delivered straight to your door with our compliments.

Let’s do the maths on that…

Corona Chips Dips Soft drink Chocolates Every month for 2 years

Here’s one
for the Cynic in You…

If you’re sitting there thinking “I reckon they’ve just added the party pack into their pricing, so I’m not really getting anything at all!” then think again. We’ve made a calculated (and fun) decision that we’re prepared to accept less profit per client if we add a bunch of new clients. So we haven’t increased our price by a single cent!

Try us and see. It costs absolutely nothing to have a conversation about your cleaning and when you get our price you can compare it to what you’re paying now.

If we’re in the ballpark and you’re going to get an Office Party Pack every month on top then why wouldn’t you make the switch!?

You’ll be in good company

These well-known brands trust us to clean their premises every week.

It’s Time to Step Up and Become the BEST BOSS in TOWN!

At least, that’s what your employees will think.

Who wouldn’t love a boss who organised a free party pack once a month where everyone gets something for nothing plus a spotless premises?

We think this is the best offer you will have seen in ages. It costs nothing to have a conversation and get a quote.

So let’s talk today.